EU Leaders ‘Not Bluffing’ Over Brexit Terms

Many have made it very clear of the consequences of the UK leaving the EU — even if they want to come back and have the privileges and rights they had before, they will not be allowed (Hosea 5:13).

EU leaders are not “bluffing” when they say the UK will be left without access to the single market when it leaves the bloc if there is no free movement of people, Malta’s prime minister says.

Joseph Muscat, whose country assumes the EU’s presidency in January, told the BBC: “This is really and truly our position and I don’t see it changing”.

Theresa May says the UK will begin the legal process to leave the EU by March.

“All of us have been pretty clear in our approach that we want a fair deal for the UK but that kind of fair deal can’t translate itself into a superior deal,” he said.

“I know that there is absolutely no bluffing from the European side, at least in the council meetings I have attended, saying ‘we will start in this position and then we will soften up’.

“No, this is really and truly our position.”

“We are all going to lose something but there will not be a situation when the UK has a better deal than it has today.”

Source: EU leaders ‘not bluffing’ over Brexit terms, warns Malta’s PM – BBC News