Churches Would Be More Popular If….

People want what they believe religion has to to offer, they just do not want God to be a part of it.  One would think that the fact God should and does have a pivotal role in our future would be self-evident, but apparently it is not (Luke 19:14, 27).

Cathedrals are doing better than churches because they don’t “bang on” about God, Sir Simon Jenkins has suggested.

The author, who was discussing his new book on England’s churches at the Hay Festival, said cathedrals were responding to the public’s desire for a more spiritual and less religious experience.

Sir Simon highlighted the importance of the services they offered, saying: “Music is very important, evensong is the most popular service, people go for the music.

They (cathedrals) don’t feel obliged to be religious. I think the churches, particularly cathedrals, are responding to people’s desire for something that they might call spiritual. They are meditative, they are buildings where people find peace. They find peace in the music and the spirit.”