London Bridge Terror: Up to 23,000 Jihadis in UK

Even if this is not completely accurate, we have recently seen how devastating only a few highly motivated terrorists can be.  This is a result of moving away from God and not relying upon Him (Psalm 33:12-20).

The figure is more than six times the figure previously released by the Home Office at the time of last month’s Manchester bombing.

Then, it was revealed the security services had 500 live investigations into more than 3,000 suspected radical jihadis, including about 400 people who have remarkably been allowed to return to our shores after fighting with terror group Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

But, it has since emerged a further 20,000 radical Islamists have been considered a “person of interest” to the security services at anyone time, according to a security services source.

But, the news has led to fears there are simply not enough resources for our security forces and counter terror police to monitor all their activities at anyone time.

But round-the-clock monitoring of terror suspects is only possible in a handful of cases due to limited resources….