Romans 02:13 – 3:18 The Law Does Not Undo Unrighteousness



Part 3

INTRO: Unrighteousness of Gentiles, Unrighteousness of Jews

So far we have looked at what justification means and showed that the root of just, justified, justification, was the same and often is used interchangeably in the Bible with right, righteous, righteousness

We defined Justification = made righteous; Only God can justify us; It is a gift that has been made available because of the sacrifice of Christ. We cannot make ourselves righteous by keeping the law – this does not undo the unrighteous acts that we have committed BUT the last scripture that we read says Romans 2:13 (for not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law will be justified;

We saw in Psalms and 1 John that God’s commandments are righteousness and we have to practice righteousness to be righteous, just as God is righteous. [Psalm 119:172; 1 John 3:7]

…Realizing that as Galatians and Philippians puts it that it is not our own righteousness but Christ living in us by faith

Continuing now, Paul is still in the middle of showing the Jews their unrighteousness even though they had been given the law:

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