Canada Criminalizes Use Of Wrong Gender Pronoun

The idea that someone can “identify” as something else and then compel others to acknowledge it, opens the door to a plethora of problems. But at the core of this, is an ungodly assault on simple Biblical principles. In the very beginning God created us as male and female (Genesis 1:27) to give us insight into His plan. Now some have seen fit to attack this most basic tenet of Christianity —  in reality saying that it is no longer acceptable for us to hold or express our beliefs!

Canada passed a law Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.

Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-16, which puts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code by a vote of 67-11….

“Great news,” announced Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister. “Bill C-16 has passed the Senate – making it illegal to discriminate based on gender identity or expression.”

Compelled speech has come to Canada,” stated Peterson.

“This tyrannical bill is nothing but social engineering to the nth degree….”

Lawlessness in the Law

It is interesting that while the US ignores many of the laws of God, that they continue to make up their own, in the process becoming less Godly and in fact more lawless (Matthew 24:12).

This is a timely book about the breakdown of the rule of law in the United States.

Individual freedom and the rule of law is gone in America. Oh, they haven’t come for you yet? You haven’t broken the law? Well, Harvey Silverglate proves in Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent that the Feds (U.S. prosecuting attorneys) target the innocent.

Silverglate believes that we are in danger of becoming a society in which prosecutors alone become judges, juries and executioners because the threat of high sentences make it too costly for even innocent people to resist the prosecutorial pressure.

Silverglate writes, “it is only a slight exaggeration to say that the average busy professional in this country wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes home, takes care of personal and family obligations and then goes to sleep, unaware that he or she likely committed several Federal crimes that day.” Why?

The answer lies in the huge volume of Federal criminal laws which are broad and impossibly vague. They have become dangerously disconnected from English common law tradition.

There is a crime for all of us. Currently there are 4,450 listed criminal offenses. These listed Federal offenses have exploded well beyond the statute books and into the morass of the Code of Federal Regulations, giving Federal prosecutors thousands of additional vague, complex and technical prohibitions removed from congressional authority or any authority but the Federal prosecutors themselves.

Educational Disinformation

There has been an assault on God and the His way since the first man and it will continue as long as Satan has his way and man gives into it.  There are few places that this can be better seen than our school system.  As long as mankind continues to look to places other than the Bible for true understanding, he will continue to be misled to his own demise.

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

It should be clear to all reasoning people with the ability for critical thinking that a pattern of cultural warfare has been unfolding against the Western world since at least the end of World War Two. The contrast between what was then and what is now is stark and frightening. It should serve as all the evidence we require to make the final determination about what has been happening.

The complete destruction of the traditional family unit has taken place through a process of indirect and direct attacks against the proven characteristics of Western civilization. It should be obvious that media and art have orchestrated a well-thought out strategy of cultural warfare against the masculine and feminine ideals and support columns of culture.

Our educational buildings and curriculums have been used to erode and shatter all the ideals of natural and instinctual existence which have developed within the Western mind. The more we remember and rediscover, the more we realize that almost everything which is taught in our schools is either a corrupt twisted version of truth, or is an outright lie and fabrication.

If our curriculums were based on truth they would not need the constant changing and tweaking which takes takes place.

It’s interesting that more and more students are coming out of the university system and understanding that they in fact understand nothing.

Test Predicts Which Children Will Grow Up to be Drain on Society

Once again we see that the cause for ills in the world and the downward slide of society can be avoided by simple yet profound truths in the ancient texts of the Word of God (Proverbs 22:6).

A simple test at the age of three can determine whether children will grow up to be a burden on society, needing excessive welfare, ending up in jail or becoming obese.

Scientists at King’s College London followed more than 1,000 children from before school until they were 38, to find out if it was possible to predict who would go on to lead troubled lives.

All were given a 45 minute test aged three to gauge … their levels of tolerance, restlessness, impulsivity and social disadvantage.

After 35 years, the researchers found one fifth of the group was responsible for 81 per cent of the criminal convictions; three quarters of drug prescriptions; two thirds of welfare benefit payments and more than half of nights in hospital.

But crucially, they discovered that the outcome could have been predicted decades earlier, simply by looking at which children attained the lowest test scores aged three.

You get the best bang for the buck with early intervention,” she said. “These are all traits that can be controlled and improved upon, so identifying them in young children is a gift, and all of society would benefit.

Prof Moffitt added: “This study really gives a pretty clear picture of what happens if you don’t intervene.”

Source: Test predicts which children will grow up to be drain on society – when they are just three years old 

U.S. Ranked the 114th Most Peaceful Nation

This is what happens when a nation departs from God: “…And there is no justice in their ways; They have made themselves crooked paths; Whoever takes that way shall not know peace.” (Isaiah 59:8)

Land of the free, home of the brave – but America may not be the most peaceful spot on earth according to the 11th annual “Global Peace Index,” which bases judgement calls on a complex gauge of social, economic and political factors, including rates of homicide and terrorism activities.

The U.S. is now at No. 114, falling 11 places in the last year, the analysis says. Armenia and Rwanda are just in front of America on the list, El Salvador and China follow. [OUCH!]

The United Kingdom is at No. 41….

“The U.S. deterioration is primarily driven by the growing intensity of internal conflict within the country, which was partly seen in the divisive 2016 Presidential election, as well as increases in the perceptions of criminality across American society,” the analysis said, also citing the impact of “rising homicide rates in several major American cities”  and several terrorist attacks on American soil.

What the Last Nuremberg Prosecutor Alive Wants the World to Know

Many professing Christians believe that is fine to go to war in spite of what the Bible says to the contrary.  Perhaps they need to answer only one question: is it OK to go to another country and kill someone that believes religiously the same way that you do?  In other words do you have a problem killing someone in your own church? This is exactly what could happen if they have the same view — that it is permissible to fight in war.

Ferencz believes “war makes murderers out of otherwise decent people” and has spent his life working to deter war and war crimes.

Well, if it’s naive to want peace instead of war, let ’em make sure they say I’m naive. Because I want peace instead of war. If they tell me they want war instead of peace, I don’t say they’re naive, I say they’re stupid. Stupid to an incredible degree to send young people out to kill other young people they don’t even know, who never did anybody any harm, never harmed them. That is the current system. I am naive? That’s insane.

Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought

Psalm 14:1

After signing an executive order earlier this month that seeks to relax restrictions on the political activities of tax-exempt churches, President Trump said the order was an important affirmation of the American identity. “We’re a nation of believers,” he said. Trump is right in one sense — 69 percent of Americans say a belief in God is an important part of being American — but he’s wrong demographically: Atheists constitute a culturally significant part of American society.

We’re not sure how significant, though. The number of atheists in the U.S. is still a matter of considerable debate. Recent surveys have found that only about one in 10 Americans report that they do not believe in God, and only about 3 percent identify as atheist. But a new study suggests that the true number of atheists could be much larger, perhaps even 10 times larger than previously estimated.

The study concludes that roughly one-quarter (26 percent) of Americans likely do not believe in God.

Our Lady of the Holy Death Is the World’s Fastest Growing Religious Movement

Satan continues to spin the truth and corrupt Christianity in every way possible. Here he appeals to the most base and carnal nature of man with astounding success by leading them away from God and having them pray to non-existent “saints” to help accomplish their sins.

“She has between 10 and 12 million devotees, and she’s only been public for 12 years,” said Andrew Chesnut, author of Devoted to Death, the first English-language book about the cult. Before 2001, Santa Muerte [Our Lady of the Holy Death] was clandestine, with devotees building personal shrines hidden in their closets. But after a woman named Enriqueta Romero unveiled the first public shrine to the saint in the Mexico City barrio of Tepito, it has spread fiercely throughout Mexico, Central America, and Latino-heavy US cities like Los Angeles and Houston. Chesnut has even tracked the cult’s growth to Japan, Australia, and the Philippines. “There’s no other new religious movement that can complete with the velocity of that growth,” Chesnut said.

Pre-Tepito, Santa Muerte’s origin is not entirely clear. Many see it as a combination/bastardization of Spanish colonial Catholicism and Aztec beliefs regarding Mictecacihuatl, the queen of the underworld. The link to Catholicism is easy to understand, seeing as Santa Muerte worship contains many of the same rituals used at the Vatican….

“People are looking for protection, and Santa Muerte has the reputation for being the most powerful saint.”

But if the deity helps, she expects something in return. Flowers, prayers, candles, cigars, sometimes money. “You need to keep your promises. If you don’t, she punishes you by making it hard to find a job, or money, or illness, stuff like that,” Lilian added.

People feel more comfortable asking her for favors they probably shouldn’t ask a Catholic saint for,” said Chesnut. “If you want your shipment of meth to arrive safely, it’s easier to ask her than the Virgin of Guadalupe.”

Source: Our Lady of the Holy Death Is the World’s Fastest Growing Religious Movement – Vice

School Orders Teachers to Remove Religious Items from Classrooms

God gets kicked out of the schools and we wonder why our children grow up doing ungodly things….

Jesus just got kicked out of public schools in Henry County, Georgia.

The school district fired off a directive to school administrators ordering them to eradicate anything remotely religious from all public school buildings.

“You are hereby directed to remove all items which contain religious symbols, such as crosses, printed bibles, angels, bible verses, printed prayers, and biblical quotations from the common areas, hallways, classrooms, and office of East Lake Elementary School,” the edict read.

Mr. Hardin has stressed that the directive covers all religions – but it’s pretty clear only one was being targeted.

The edict made no mention of the Koran or prayer rugs.

Bibles and Bible verses are a big no-no.

“It seems like the school system wishes to eradicate any form of religious expression except for their own atheist and secular views,” Caner told me.

Source: School orders teachers to remove religious items from classrooms | Fox News

Kaine is a Faithful Catholic, But….

Further shows why we should not vote! The politicians are truly not Godly men trying to run the country in a Godly way.  Subsequently, it is easy to see why this country is in the state of moral decay that it is.

Tim Kaine personally opposes the death penalty, the moral stand of a staunch Roman Catholic who regularly attends Mass and whose church believes executions to be wrong.

Yet as governor of Virginia, the Democratic vice presidential nominee allowed the execution of 11 men.

The death penalty is part of a political tightrope Kaine has walked for almost two decades, trying to balance his Catholic faith with policy positions that are at odds with the church’s teachings. He also personally opposes abortion, for example, but supports the right of women to choose to have one.

“When you peel back the curtain you see nothing more than a power-seeking Democratic politician that is willing to sacrifice his own faith and his own personal beliefs for power and prestige.”

Source: Kaine is a faithful Catholic, but opposes some church edicts | San Diego Jewish World