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The “Purple” Bible Hymnal


Page 1 (Psalm 1)
Blessed And Happy Is The Man

“Blest and happy is the man Who does never walk astray,
Nor with ungodly men Stands in sinner’s way
All he does prospers well, But the wicked are not so;
They are chaff before the wind, Driven to and fro.”

“Ne’er in scorner’s chair he sits, For he places his delight
In God’s law and meditates On it day and night.
All he does prospers well, But the wicked are not so;
They are chaff before the wind, Driven to and fro.”

“He shall be a tree that grows, Planted by the river’s side,
Which in season yields its fruit; Green its leaves abide.
All he does prospers well, But the wicked are not so;
They are chaff before the wind, Driven to and fro.”

Page 2 (Psalm 2)
Why Do The Nations Make Plans In Vain?

“Why do the nations make plans in vain Against the One Anointed?
Saying, Let us strip off all His chords; Break His bands asunder.
He sees their scheme, from heaven He laughs; Holds them in derision.
He speaks to them in His great wrath From His most holy sovereign throne.”

“O let me tell the Eternal’s words, You rulers of this world;
You are my son this day I decree: You are my begotten.
You shall inherit all of the earth; You shall rule all nations.
You shall be King of all the earth; You shall rule with a rod of iron.”

“So kings be wise and take warning now, O let me tell His edict:
Seek now the Lord with trembling and fear, Lest you end in ruin.
Lest He be angry, quickly submit; Worship Him with rev-‘rence.
Rulers of earth take warning now; Place your trust in the One true God.”

Page 3 (Psalm 4)
Trust In God And Stand In Awe

“Hear and answer when I call, O Righteous God.
From distress You set me free; Hear now my prayer.
O how men love vanity; Falsehood they seek;
Turning glory into shame; They are misled.”

“O how long will sons of men Love vanity?
O how long love vain intrigues; Seek after lies?
Trust in God and stand in awe, And cease to sin.
Know that God has set apart All godly men.”

“O that we might see some good! Many will say,
Only look and smile on us, O Righteous God!
God has given me more joy Than they all know;
He alone makes me to dwell Safely in peace.”

Page 4 (Psalm 4)
Give Ear Unto My Words, O Lord

“Give ear unto my words, O Lord, My meditation weigh;
Hear my loud cry, my King, my God, For I to Thee will pray.
Lord Thou shalt early hear my voice; I early will direct
My prayer to Thee, and looking up, An answer will expect.”

“For Thou art not a God who does In wickedness delight;
No evil shall abide with Thee, Nor fools stand in Thy sight.
All evil doers Thou dost hate, Cut off shall liars be;
The bloody and deceitful man, Abhorred is by Thee.”

“But I into Thy house will come In Thy abundant grace;
And I will worship in Thy fear Toward Thy holy place.
Because of watchful enemies, O lead me by Thy grace,
And in Thy righteousness, Thy way Make straight before my face.”

“Let all who trust in Thee be glad, In shouts their praise proclaim;
Thou savest them; let all rejoice Who love Thy Holy Name.
For Lord, unto the righteous man Thou wilt Thy blessing yield;
With favor Thou wilt compass him About as with a shield.”

Page 5 (Psalm 5)
Turn, O God And Save Me

“O Lord God, rebuke me not in anger;
Nor in hot displeasure chastise me, O God.
Be gracious, Lord, and show me Your mercy.
Heal me, O God, for I languish and ache.”

“O Lord God, how long are You in helping?
Turn, O God, and save me; deliver my soul;
For Your great love; for the sake of Your mercies.
For in the grave there is no thought of You.”

“O Lord God, my bed is wet with weeping,
And I faint with moaning because of my foes.
But God has heard; He has answered my prayer.
My foes shall turn and shall be ashamed.”

Page 6 (Psalm 6)
Vindicate The Justice You Command

“O Lord, my God, in You do I my confidence repose:
Save and deliver me from all my persecuting foes;
Lest they should seize my life from me and like a lion tear;
Devouring and rending it with no one to defend.”

“O Lord, my God, if it be so that I committed this;
If it be so that in my hands iniquity there is;
If evil I repaid to him who was at peace with me;
Yea, Lord, did I my foe release and aid without a cause.”

“Then let the foe pursue my life and thrust it to the earth;
Then let him take my soul and lay my honour in the dust.
Rise in Your wrath, Lord, stir Yourself, for my foes raging be;
Awake, my God, and vindicate the justice You command.”

Page 7 (Psalm 7)
How Excellent Is Thy Name!

“How excellent in all the earth, Lord our Lord is Thy name’
Who hast Thy glory far advanced Above the starry frame.
From mouths of babes and infants, Lord, Strength by Thee is ordained,
So that Thy enemies be crushed; Thy vengeful foes restrained.”

“When I look up into the heav’ns Which Thine own fingers framed,
Unto the moon and to the stars, Which were by Thee ordained;
Then say I, what is man that Thou Should be mindful of him?
Or what, the son of man, that Thou So kind to him should be?”

“For Thou hast made Him little less Than the angels above;
With glory and with dignity; With honor crown’d his head.
Appointed Lord of all Thy works, All things under His feet:
All sheep and oxen, yea, and beasts That in the field do stray.”

Page 8 (Psalm 8)
I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal!

“I will praise Thee, O Eternal; I will show forth Thy great works!
O Thou Most High God, Eternal; I will sing praise to Thy Name!
But my foes shall turn and stumble; At Thy presence they shall fall;
The Eternal judges rightly; And forever He will rule!”

“The Eternal lives forever; He destroys all wicked men;
He removes their name forever; Even their memory dies;
But He judges all with fairness; He will rule with equity:
All who know His Name shall trust Him; He will not forsake His own.”

“To the Lord who dwells in Zion, Sing to Him and praise His Name!
Tell His deeds among the nations!  Tell of all His glorious works!
He avenges all His people; He will not forget their cry;
To the Lord who dwells in Zion; Sing to Him and praise His Name!”

Page 9 (Psalm 9)
Declare His Works To All Nations!

“I will sing, O Most High; Praises to Thy Name with my whole heart!
And proclaim Thy wonders; I will rejoice and exult in Thee!
My foes fall at Thy sight; For Thou hast maintained my cause and my cry;
God will judge from His throne; He shall remain forevermore!”

“God will rule, uprightly; Judge the world in righteousness.
The oppressed who seek Him; He will to them a refuge be.
For the Lord will not forget Those who put their trust and confidence in Him.
To the Lord sing praises; Declare His works to all nations!”

“God Most High in Zion dwells; He will not forget His people;
They declare His great works; And He will not forget their cry.
Rise, O Lord! Put them all in fear! All the nations that forget that Thou art God.
Judge them Lord before Thee; Let the nations know they are but men!”

Page 10 (Psalm 10)
Arise, Eternal, O My God

“The wicked in their pride pursue and make the poor their prey;
Let them be taken in the snare which they for others lay.
The wicked, thru his pride of face, on God will never call;
And in the counsels of his heart the Lord is not at all.”

“Within his heart he thus hath said, I never moved shall be;
And no adversity at all shall ever come to me.
With cursing, fraud, and foul deceit, his mouth is always filled;
While vanity and mischief lie beneath his tongue concealed.”

“Arise, Eternal, O my God, lift up Thy hand on high;
Put not the poor and humble ones out of Thy memory.
O judge the fatherless and those beneath oppression sore;
That man, who is but sprung of earth, may them oppress no more.”

Page 11 (Psalm 11)
His Eyes Behold The Children Of Men

“In the Eternal I put all my trust; How can you say, to a mountain escape;
Flee like a bird from the peril, in haste?
See how the wicked aim with their bow; Furtively shoot at the upright in heart!
Impious men who wait in the dark.”

“When the foundations are failing apart, What can the righteous man
do in this plight? Ah, the Eternal is there on His throne;
His eyes behold the children of men; Testing and proving the
Righteous in heart; Requiting evil, violent men.”

“Soon the Eternal shall send from above Fire, hail and brimstone
and scorching hot winds; This is the portion of their cup to be;
For the Eternal loves righteous deeds; Those who are upright shall
look on His face; He looks on them and favor imparts.”

Page 12 (Psalm 12)
Thy Word, Eternal, Is Truth Evermore

“Help us, O God, For the merciful cease;
Faithfulness fails; Wicked men have their way.
They all speak lies; All with double heart speak;
God shall cut off those who speak boastfully.”

“Poor men are crushed, And the needy have sighed.
God will arise; Their deliverer shall be.
He’ll set them safe; For His promise is pure;
Thy Word Eternal, is Truth ever more.”

“Men’s words are false; They are empty and   vain.
Each utters lies; To his neighbor he boasts.
They put their trust In their flattering speech.
Exalted are they among sons of men.”

Page 13 (Psalm 13)
How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, Lord?

“How long wilt Thou forget me Lord? Shall it forever be?
Eternal God, how long wilt Thou, still hide Thy face from me?
How long take counsel in my soul, and sorrow day by day;
How long exalted over me shall be mine enemy?”

“O Lord my God, consider Thou, An answer give to me;
Lest I should sleep the sleep of death, mine eyes enlighten Lord;
And lest mine enemy should say, Against him I prevailed;
And those who troubled me, rejoice when I am shaken, Lord.”

But as for me, I put my trust In Thy great mercy God!
And  I shall sing unto the Lord and praise His Holy Name;
I will rejoice with my whole heart; In His salvation trust,
And I will sing unto my God for His great love to me.”

Page 14 (Psalm 15)
Who Shall Dwell On Thy Holy Hill?

“O Eternal, who shall dwell in the temple of Thy grace?
Who shall on Thy holy hill have fixed abiding place?
He who walks in righteousness, all his actions just and clear;
He whose words the truth express, spoken from a heart sincere.”

“He who ne’er with slandering tongue utters malice and deceit;
Who will ne’er his neighbor wrong, nor a slanderous tale repeat.
Who will claim no usury, nor with bribes pollute his hand;
He who thus shall frame his life, shall unmoved forever stand.”

Page 15 (Psalm 21)
The King Delights, Lord

“The king delights, Lord, in Your great strength;
In Your salvation, he shall rejoice!
You have given to him his heart’s desire;
And his request have You not withheld from him.”

“You send him blessings of goodly things;
You set a golden crown upon his head.
He asked life of You; You gave him life;
Long life forever, and forevermore.”

“Great is his glory by Your strong aid;
Honor and majesty You laid on him.
You have made him most blest, forever blessed;
Made him exceeding glad with Your countenance.”

Page 16-17 (Psalm 19)
The Heaven God’s Glory Do Declare

“The heav’ns God’s glory do declare, The skies His handiworks teach;
Day after day their speech pours forth, and knowledge, night after night.
There is no speech nor spoken word; their voice is never heard;
And yet their voice spreads to all the earth, their works to the end of the

“The heav’ns a tent for the sun He made, Which comes forth Like a bridegroom,
Leaving his chamber, glowing bright, to run his course with joy.
From heav-en’s end its rising is, its circuit to its ends;
And there is nothing from its heat, no, nothing is hidden thereof.”

“The law of God is a perfect law, For it converts the soul;
Sure are the sayings of our God, they make the simple wise.
Statutes of God are right and just, and do rejoice the heart;
The Lord’s commandments are pure and clear, and light to the mind impart.”

Page 18 (Psalm 22)
My God, My God

“My God, my God, O why hast Thou forsaken me, Thy son?
O why hast Thou not heard my cry, my anguished bitter cry?
Yet Thou art holy and enthroned amid the songs of praise.
Our fathers did rely on Thee and Thou didst rescue them.”

“They cried to Thee and Thou didst hear; they trusted Thee, O God.
For Thou delivered them from fear and they were not ashamed.
But I am just a worm and not a man at all but scorned;
Rejected and despised by men, and mocked and scorned by all.”

“They sneer and toss their heads at me; make ugly mouths and mock:
‘Let God deliver him,’ they say, ‘He left it to his God.’
Yet Thou art God, indeed, who took me from my mother’s womb;
O be not far from me, My God, for there is none to help.”

Page 19 (Psalm 23)
The Lord Is My Shepherd

“The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know,
I feed in green pastures, safe folded I rest;
He leadeth my soul where the still waters flow,
Restores me when wand’ring, redeems when oppressed,
Restores me when wand’ring, redeems when oppressed.”

“Thro’ the valley and shadow of death though I stray,
Since Thou art my Guardian, no evil I fear;
Thy rod shall defend me, Thy staff be my stay;
No harm can befall, with my Comforter near,
No harm can befall, with my Comforter near.”

“In the midst of affliction my table is spread;
With blessings unmeasured my cup runneth o’er;
With perfume and oil Thou anointest my head;
Oh, what shall I ask of Thy providence more?
Oh, what shall I ask of Thy providence more?”

“O surely Thy goodness and mercy, O God,
Shall follow my steps all the days of my life;
Shall follow my steps all the days of my life;
And I will in Thy house forevermore dwell;
And I will in Thy house forevermore dwell.”

Page 20 (Psalm 23)
The Lord’s My Shepherd

“The Lord’s my shepherd I’ll not want. He makes me down to lie
In pastures green; He leadeth me The quiet waters by.”

“My soul He doth restore again; And me to walk doth make
Within the paths of righteousness, E’en for His own name’s sake.

“Yea, tho’ I walk in death’s dark vale, Yet will I fear none ill;
For Thou art with me; and Thy rod And staff me comfort still.”

“My table Thou hast furnished In presence of my foes;
My head Thou dost with oil anoint, And my cup overflows.”

“Goodness and mercy all my life Shall surely follow me;
And in God’s house forevermore, My dwelling place shall be.”

Page 21 (Psalm 25)
Our God Is Good And Upright

“Our God is good and upright; the way He’ll sinners show.
The meek in judgment He will guide, and make His paths to know.
The whole paths of the Lord are truth and mercy sure
To those that keep His covenant and testimonies pure.”

“Now, for Thine own name’s sake, O Lord, I thee entreat
To pardon mine iniquity, for it is very great.
What man is he that fears the Lord and doth Him serve?
Him shall He teach of His own way; the way that he should choose.”

“His soul shall dwell at ease; and his posterity
Shall flourish still and of the earth inheritors shall be.
With those that fear Him is the secret of the Lord;
The knowledge of His covenant He will to the afford.”

Page 22 (Psalm 25)
To Thee I Lift My Soul

“To Thee I lift my soul; I trust Thee, O my God;
Let me not be ashamed, nor let my foes triumph o’er me.
Let none that wait on Thee, be put to shame at all;
But those that without cause transgress, let shame upon them fall.”

“Show me Thy ways, O Lord; O teach Thou me Thy paths;
And in Thy truth lead me Thyself, therein my teacher be.
For Thou art God that dost to me salvation send;
And I upon Thee all the day, expecting, do attend.”

“Thy tender mercies, Lord, remember, pray I Thee;
And loving kindnesses, for they have ever been of old.
My sins and faults of youth, do Thou, O Lord, forget;
After Thy mercy think on me, and for Thy goodness great.”

Page 23 (Psalm 25)
Mine Eyes Upon The Lord Continually Are Set

“Mine eyes upon the Lord continually are set;
For He it is that shall bring forth my feet out of the net;
Turn unto me Thy face, and to me mercy show;
Because that I am desolate and am brought very low.”

“My heart’s griefs are increased, relieve me from distress;
See mine affliction and my pain, and all my sins forgive:
Consider Thou my foes because they many are;
And it a cruel hatred is which they against me bear.”

“O do Thou keep my soul, do Thou deliver me;
And let me ever be asham’d because I trust in Thee;
Let uprightness and truth keep me, who Thee attend.
Redemption, Lord, to Israel from all his troubles send.”

Page 24 (Psalm 31)
In Thee, O Lord, I Put My Trust

“In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust, let me not be ashamed;
As Thou art faithful, rescue me, and guide me by Thy pow’r.
Thou art my fortress and my rock; Thou art my strength, O God.
Deliver me by Thy great pow’r from snares laid out for me.”

“O Lord, Thou hast redeemed my life, Thou faithful God of truth;
Thou hatest all who pay regard to lying vanities.
I trust Thee, God, and will rejoice in Thy great mercy, Lord.
Thou hast not let me fall into the hand of enemies.”

“Have pity, O Eternal One, my life is spent with grief;
Because of sins my strength has failed; my bones are weak and faint.
I am the scorn of all my foes; they shun me in the street;
But Thou I trust and know my fate lies in Thy hands, O God.”

“Eternal One, on Thee I call, let me not be ashamed;
But let the wicked be ashamed and silent in the grave.
Strike dumb the foes with lying lips who scorn against the just!
How great Thy goodness which Thou hast for those who fear Thy Name!”

Page 25 (Psalm 32)
They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven

“They are blest who are forgiven, To whom God impute no sin;
Who go to the Eternal, And confess to Him their sins.
Whose iniquities are covered, Whom the Lord does instruct!
Saying, I will direct you In the way that you should go.”

“Many sorrows have the wicked, Who know not the way of God.
Be not as mules or horses, Which are held by bridles strong;
But be glad in the Eternal, And rejoice all you just;
Shout for joy all you upright; In whose spirit is no guile.”

“Day and night God’s hand was on me, And I groaned till I confessed.
My sins I laid before Him; Quickly He forgave them all;
Every godly one shall pray thus, While the Lord may be found;
So be glad all you upright; All you righteous, shout for joy!”

Page 26 (Psalm 33)
Blessed Is The Nation God Is For

“Blessed is the nation God is for, And the people He has chosen;
For God looks down from heav’n above And He beholds all nations.
From His place above He looks on all; He sees their every doing;
He sees their sin, He sees their works, He beholds all of those who fear Him.”

“O you righteous in the Lord, rejoice; Songs of praise befit the upright;
Play skillfully upon the strings; Sing to Him a joyful new song.
For the Word of God is right and just. All His works are true and faithful;
His loving kindness fills the earth; For He loves righteousness and justice.”

“By the Word of God the heav’ns were made; Waters of the sea He gathered.
In storage places laid the deeps; Let all the earth revere Him.
Let the people stand in awe of Him; For He spoke and earth existed.
When He commanded it stood fast; By His word were the heav’ns created.”

“Kings will not be saved by armies great Nor a mighty man delivered;
Not one is saved by his own strength, Nor by some other power.
But the eyes of God are on the just; Those who fear and worship Him;
Who wait for Him, who hope for Him, Those who trust in the God Of Isr’el.”

Page 27 (Psalm 34)
Turn Thou From Evil

“Turn thou from evil, do what is good, Seek peace pursue it earnestly.
Upon the just are the eyes of God, His ears are open unto their cry.
But the Eternal’s face is against Them that are evil, doers of wrong.
He cuts remembrance off from them, Cuts their remembrance from the earth.”

“When righteous men cry, God always hears; For He delivereth them from fears.
Near unto them of a broken heart, Contrite of spirit God saveth them.
Many afflictions that we do have, Troubles there be of righteous men;
But the Eternal delivereth Out from afflictions the righteous man.”

“Turn thou from evil, do what is good, Seek peace pursue it earnestly.
God keeps the bones of the righteous man, Not one of them shall broken be.
Tho’ evil slay all unrighteous men, Who hates the pure shall desolate be;
But God redeemeth the soul that’s His, None shall be desolate trusting Him.”

Page 28 (Psalm 36)
The Wicked Man

“The wicked man doth cause this tho’t within my heart to rise;
Undoubtedly the fear of God is not before his eyes.
Because in his deceitful eyes his ways are always right;
Until the vileness of his sin shall all be brought to light.”

“The words that from his mouth proceed are wickedness and ties;
He has refrained from doing good and ceased from being wise.
And cunningly he plotteth mischief lying on his bed;
He sets himself in ways not good; and ill abhoreth not.”

“Let not the foot of cruet pride come and against me stand,
And let me never be removed, Lord, by the wicked’s hand.
They’re fallen, they are ruined, they that work iniquity;
They are cast down and never shall be able to arise.”

Page 29 (Psalm 37)
Rest In The Lord

“Fret not thyself unquietly because of evil men;
Nor do not envy bear to those who work iniquity.
For even like the fading grass, they shall be cut down soon;
And like the green and tender herb, they withered shall be.”

“Rest in the Lord, in patience wait, nor for the wicked fret;
Who prospering in his evil way, success in sin doth get.
For yet a little while and then, the wicked shall not be;
His place thou shalt consider well, but it thou shalt not see.”

“From anger turn away thyself and also cease from wrath;
Fret not thyself in any wise, it only leads to sin.
For evil doers shall indeed be rooted out and die;
But those who wait upon the Lord, the earth they shall possess.”

Page 30 (Psalm 37)
Wait And Hope And Look For God

“Envy not nor fret yourself Over evil lawless men;
They like grass soon fade away And wither like a flow’r.
Trust in the Eternal God, Do the right and loyal be;
So will you dwell peacefully And truly shall be fed.”

“Put your confidence in God, And your way to Him commit;
He shall give you your desires; The petitions of your heart.
Rest in the Eternal God, Patiently upon Him wait;
Envy not nor fret yourself Because of evil men.”

“Cease from anger, cease from wrath, For all such shall be cut off;
Wait and hope and look for God; Be still and trust in Him.
Soon the wicked shall not be, And his place shall not be found;
So shall you delight yourself In peace abundantly.”

Page 31 (Psalm 38)
Let They Chastening Be In Measure

“Lord, do not in hot displeasure Lay Thy heavy hand on me.
Let Thy chastening be in measure; Thy rebukes from anger free.
For Thy hand most surely presses, Fast Thy arrows stick within;
Wrath my weary flesh distresses, Gives my bones no rest from sin.”

“O’er my head like billows rushing, My transgressions risen are.
Like a burden heavy crushing, Greater far than I can bear.
Loathsome are my wounds neglected, My own folly makes it so;
Bowed with grief and much afflicted, All the day I mourning go.”

“For my loins are filled with burning, Health in me no more remains.
I am feeble, bruised, and mourning, Groaning loud thro’ inward pains.
My desires and ceaseless wailing, Loud, unveil’d before Thee lie;
Pants my heart my strength is failing, All its light has left mine eye.”

Page 32 (Psalm 39)
For It Is God Who Orders Life

“I said my ways I’ll guard with care, Lest with my tongue I sin, O God;
I put a bridle on my lips, When in the presence of ungodly men.
With silence I became as dumb; I held my peace but to no avail.
Sorrow within my heart was stirred; My distress grew hot as fire!”

“Then with my tongue I spoke these words: Let me know my end, O God;
What is the number of my days; O let me know how fleeting is life.
Thou hast made my days as a span; They are as nothing in Thy sight.
Surely before Thee all men stand; As a mere breath they stand before Thee.”

“O surely man is but a breath; Like a shadow he goes about;
Men are in turmoil all for nought; Wealth do they gather but all in vain.
Now, O God, for what do I wait? My hope in Thee is; my sin forgive.
0 make me not the scorn of fools! I shall not speak but remain as dumb.”

“For it is God who orders life; Take away Thy stroke from me.
I am consumed by Thine own hand, When Thou dost chasten man for all his sin.
Man’s life is vain and wasted away; Hear Thou my cry and hold not Thy peace!
Spare me that I may gladness know, O God, recall how fleeting is life.”

Page 33 (Psalm 43)
Righteous Judge

“Righteous Judge, from foes defend me, Who deceitful charges lay;
God, my Strength, my soul deliver, And my treacherous foes dismay;
O send out Thy light and truth, Let them lead and guide me still;
Let them bring me to Thy dwelling, Lead me to Thy holy hill.”

“Then will I come to Thine altar, God of my exceeding joy;
And with lyre will I sing praises; Unto God, my God, I’ll sing!
Why art thou, my soul, cast down, Why art thou disquieted?
I shall yet have hope and praise Him; Unto God shall I give praise!”

Page 34 (Psalm 44)
O God, We Have Heard

“O God, we have   heard and our fathers have taught
The works which of old in their day Thou hast wrought;
The nations were crushed and expelled by Thy hand,
Cast out that Thy people might dwell in their land.”

“They gained not the land by the edge of the sword,
Their own arm to  them could no safety afford;
But by Thy right hand, O my Savior and King,
Command, and Thy word shall deliverance bring!”

“No trust will I place in my bow to defend,
Nor yet on my sword for my safety depend;
In God who has saved us and put them to shame,
We boast all the day, ever praising His Name!”

Page 35 (Psalm 44)
Awake, O Eternal!

“Before me I constantly see my disgrace;
And shame and confusion have covered my face;
At sound of the taunters and scoffers delight;
Their hearts full of hate and revengeful despite.”

“Though all these sore evils have been our sad lot;
Our God and His covenant we have not forgot;
Our heart turned not back and our feet have not strayed;
Tho’ broken mid jackals with death for our shade.”

“If we have forgotten the Name of our God;
Or unto some idol our hands spread abroad;
Shall not the Almighty Who sees all within;
And knows the heart’s secrets, discover this sin?”

“Yea, all the day long for Thy sake we’re consumed;
Like sheep for the slaughter to death we are doomed;
Awake, O Eternal, and sleep Thou no more;
Arise and our help cast not off evermore.”

Page 36 (Psalm 46)
Come, See The Works Of God

“O God our strength and refuge proves, In all distress a present aid;
Tho’ the trembling earth remove, We will never be dismayed.
Kingdoms moved the heathen raged, And the earth melted at His word;
The Lord of Hosts for us engaged, Our refuge high is Jacob’s God.”

“A river flows, whose living streams Gladden the city of our God,
Tents where heavenly glory beams; Where the Lord has His abode.
God has Zion His dwelling made; She shall never more be moved;
Her God shall early give His aid, He her help has ever proved.”

“Come, see the works of God displayed, Wonders of His mighty hand;
Desolations He has made, Ruins spread thru all the land.
Be still, know I am God Most High, O’er the heathen I will reign.
The Lord of Hosts to us is nigh, Jacob’s God our help remains.”

Page 37 (Psalm 46)
God Our Strength And Refuge Is

“God our strength and refuge is; He is our help in time of need;
Therefore we should never fear; For the Eternal is with us!
Tho’ the earth and mountains shake; Tho’ its waters roar and foam;
God of Jacob, God of Hosts; He is our fortress and our strength!”

“In the city of our God, Bright streams shall deck His high abode;
God is in the midst of her; She shall not ever be removed!
Tho’ the heathen rage with hate; Tho’ their kingdoms move and shake,
God will utter His great voice; At His command all wars will cease!”

“Come, behold the wondrous works; What pow’r they show upon the earth!
He gives peace to all the land; He breaks the bow and snaps the spear.
This is God’s command to all: Learn that only I am God,
I alone the heathen rule;  I, only I, do rule the land!”

Page 38 (Psalm 48)
Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful

“The Lord, Eternal is most great and greatly to be praised!
Within the city of our God, upon His holy hill.
Mount Zion stands most beautiful, the joy of all the land!
The city of the mighty King, doth on her north side stand.”

“Within her palaces our God is for a refuge known;
For lo, the kings assembled, together they did come.
When they beheld it, all amazed, they fled in great dismay;
And being troubled at Thy sight, they thence did haste away.”

“As we have heard, we saw within the city of our God;
The city which the Lord of Hosts established evermore.
We of Thy loving kindness thought, in Thy most holy place,
O God according to Thy name, Thy praise fills ail the earth!”

Page 39 (Psalm 49)
Nations Give Ear, Both Low And High

“Nations give ear, both low and high; Rich and poor all you people;
For ! shall speak wisdom and truth; I will speak understanding.
This parable will I submit; I will render this hymn;
Why should I fear in evil times, Tho’ my foes are around me?”

“Men like to boast of their great wealth, But cannot save one soul;
What! Never die? But die they must; Fools and wise, all must perish.
Their wealth is left to other men, But heir home is the grave;
Such is the fate of those who live, Trusting in their great wealth.”

“But God redeems my soul from death; My soul shall he receive.
Be not afraid when one is rich, Nor when his wealth increases;
Though while he lived, his soul he blest, And all men gave him praise;
Still shall he die, his wealth shall cease; For he lacked understanding.”

Page 40 (Psalm 50)
Give Thanks And Offer Praise

“Hear, O my people, and I’ll speak, O Israel by name;
Against you I will testify, for God your God, I am.
The fowls are all to me well known that mountains high do yield;
I also claim as all my own the wild beasts of the field.”

“Pay all your vows to God most high; Give thanks and offer praise,
And when the day of trouble comes I’ll hear and answer you.
Think you that I would eat of flesh or ask for sacrifice?
But rather unto Me your God give thanks and offer praise.”

“But to the wicked man God says, Why mention my commands?
Why take my compact on your lips and cast my words behind?
Mark this, you who forget your God, and my instruction hate;
Therefore shall none deliver you, for this is my reproof.”

Page 41 (Psalm 51)
In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord

“In Thy loving kindness, Lord, be merciful to me;
In compassion great blot out all iniquity.
Wash me thoroughly from sin; from all guilt cleanse Thou me:
For transgressions I confess; sins I ever see,”

“Gainst Thee only have I sinned, done evil in Thy sight,
That Thou speaking may be just, and in judg -ing right.
My iniquities blot out, my sin hide from Thy view;
And in me a clean heart make, spirit right re – new.”

“From Thy gracious presence, Lord, O cast me not away;
And Thy Holy Spirit take not from me, I pray.
Joy which Thy salvation brings again to me restore;
With Thy spirit free do Thou keep me evermore;”

“Sacrifice dost Thou not want, else would I give it Thee;
And with offering shalt Thou not delighted be.
For a broken spirit is to God a sacrifice;
And a broken, contrite heart, Thou wilt not despise.”

Page 42 (Psalm 52)
God Is Most Gracious, Kind And Good

“O mighty man, why boast you of evil, Scheming and de-
vising subtle mischief and lies? Like a sharp razor does your tongue
speak; Planning destruction against godly men. You despise good and
evil do you love; Falsehood do you prefer to speaking the truth.”

“Why do you boast when God is most gracious, Kind and merci-
ful and ever loving and good? Since you trust in falsehood and your
great wealth; God will remove you, uproot you from life. Those who trust God
shall see and be in awe; They shall laugh at you for all your folly and pride.”

“O see the man who made not God his strength, For he sought
refuge in abundance of wealth. But in God’s mercy, in His steadfast
love, And His great kindness, in these do I trust. And in God’s house,
like an olive green am I; I will praise Him and proclaim His great name!”

Page 43 (Psalm 53)
Fools Have Said That There Is No God

“Fools have said that there is no God; They in their heart conclude;
They are corrupt their works are vile.  Not one of them doth good.
God did from heav’n look down upon the sons of men abroad,
To see if any one were wise, Any seeking after God.”

“They are all of them backward gone, All of them are depraved;
And there is none that doth good, No, not a single one.
Have those who work iniquity no knowledge, none at all?
My people they devour like bread, And on God they do not call.”

“God has rejected all of them; They will be put to shame.
Such terror there has never been; Great terror on them falls.
For God will scatter all the bones of the ungodly men.
He will defeat their evil plan; And put them all to shame.”

Page 44 (Psalm 54)
Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name

“Save me, O God, by Thy great Name and judge me by Thy strength.
My prayer hear and to my words, O God, give ear to me.
For they that strangers are to me, do up against me rise.
Oppressors do not care for God, but seek to take my life.”

“The mighty God my Helper is; Lo therefore I am bold.
He taketh part with ev’ry one, that does my soul uphold.
To all my watchful foes He will, their evil deeds repay;
0 for Thy truth’s sake cut them off, and take them all away.”

“A free will offering I to Thee will bring in sacrifice.
Lord, of Thy Name, for it is good; Thy praises will I sing.
Because He hath delivered me, from all adversities;
And His desire mine eye hath seen, upon thine enemies.”

Page 45 (Psalm 55)
But As For Me, I’ll Call On God

“Twas not a foe who did deride, For that I could endure;
No hater thus who rose in pride, Else would I hide secure.
But thou it was my friend and guide; We did as equals meet;
We walked to God’s house side by side, And counsel blended sweet.”

“His speech more smooth than butter was, Yet in his heart was war;
More soft than oil his words appear; Yet sharp as drawn swords were they.
But Lord Thou will in judgment sit, And bring them down to woe;
And in the deep and dark-some pit, In ruin lay them low.”

“Death shall them seize, and to the tomb, Alive they shall go down;
For wickedness is in their home; Among them abound their sins.
But as for me, I’ll call on God; The Lord will safety give;
He’ll hear me when I cry aloud, At morning, noon and night.”

Page 46 (Psalm 55)
Unto My Earnest Prayer Give Ear

“Unto my earnest prayer give ear, nor hide Thee, O most High,
Attend my sad complaint and hear my mourning bitter cry.
Because of sinful men I weep, and persecuting foes;
Who wickedness upon me heap, in wrath opposing me.”

“Sore pain in heart I find no ease, death’s terrors fill my soul,
Great fear and trembling on me seize and horrors o’er me roll.
O had I wings, I sigh and say, like some swift dove to roam,
Then would I hasten far away, and find a peaceful home.”

“Lo, wand’ring far, my rest should be in some lone desert waste;
I from the windy storm would flee and from the tempest haste.
Destroyed, Eternal, let them be; divide confuse their tongue;
For in the city, lo, I see great strife and grievous wrong.

Page 47 (Psalm 57)
O Pity Me, Be Gracious God

“O pity me, be gracious God, For it is You my soul does seek;
My refuge rests under Your wings, Till all danger passes.
I call to God, to the Most High, Who fulfills His purpose.
He will send help from heav’n above; Put to shame all who slander.”

“God will send forth His steadfast love; His loving kindness and His truth;
O’er all the earth His glory shines, High above the heavens!
My life must be mid sons of men Whose tongues use sharp swords;
They set a net for my own life; But instead they have fallen.”

“My heart is steadfast, O my God; Steadfast and confident in You;
Praise will I sing, make melody, On the harp and the lyre!
My soul, awake, give thanks to God; Sing His praise to all nations!
For His great love soars to the heav’ns; Great is He and exalted!”

Page 48 (Psalm 60)
Return Again, O God

“O Lord, Thou hast rejected us and scattered us abroad;
For Thou hast been displeased with us; return again, O God.
For Thou hast made the earth to tremble, in it breaches made;
Do Thou thereof the breaches heal because the land doth shake.”

“O Lord, to Thy own chosen people hast Thou hard times sent;
And Thou hast made us drink the wine of sore astonishment.
And yet a banner Thou hast given those who Thee do fear;
That it may be displayed by them; for the sake of truth appear.”

“That Thy beloved people, Lord, may all delivered be;
Save with the power of Thy right hand, an answer give to me.
Help us from trouble; for the help is vain which man supplies.
He will tread down our enemies.”

Page 49 (Psalm 61)
Give Ear Unto My Prayer, O God

“Give ear unto my prayer, O God, from earth’s far end I call;
And lead me to the Rock to rest that higher is than I.
For You have been a shelter and a fort against the foe;
O let me in Your dwelling place abide forevermore.

“My God has heard my vows and granted righteous heritage;
The share for those who trust in Him and fear His holy Name.
Let God prolong the true king’s life; forever let him reign!
That He may sit before our God, enthroned in righteousness.”

“When I was faint I cried to God, and He did hear my prayer;
For He has been my dwelling place; a shelter from the foe.
And so will I forevermore sing praises to His Name!
Sing praises to His Name forever, and daily pay my  vows.”

Page 50 (Psalm 62)
God Is My Rock, My Salvation

“God is my rock, my salvation, my hope; my soul in silence waits for
my God alone; He is my fort, I shall not be removed;
He is my refuge, my high tower of strength.Rescue shall come from
my God alone; And I shall never be greatly removed.”

“Still, O my soul, wait in silence for God; my hope and refuge is in
my God alone; He is my rock, my salvation and strength;
With God alone shall my deliverance be. How long will men take
pleasure in sin? They plot and threaten the life of the king.”

“Vain men are they, delighting in craft; their lips they bless with, but they
curse inwardly; Low men or high, both are less than a breath;
Trust and rely not on extortion and gain. Kindness and pow’r belong
to our God; He shall reward ev’ry man for his works.”

Page 51 (Psalm 66)
Joyfully Sing And Praise God!

“Joyfully sing and praise God, All the earth sing forth His praise!
Glory and honor give Him, Sing homage to His name!
Say now to God, How dread Your works, How awesome are Your deeds!
So great Your pow’r Your foes submit, All the earth worships You!”

“O come, and see His great works, Among men how dread His deeds!
He turned the sea to dry land; And the multitudes passed thru.
So let us all rejoice in Him, Who by His power e’er rules;
Whose eyes observe and nations watch: None shall exalt himself.”

“O bless our God, you peoples, Make His praises to be heard!
Give unto Him your grateful thanks Who has kept us safe in life;
And not allowed our feet to slip, Tho’ You have tested us,
Tho’ we were captured by our foes; Yet have You set us free.”

“So will I come before my God, I will pay my vows to Him;
Vows which my lips have spoken, Which I promised when distressed.
All you who fear Him, come and hear, Come you who worship Him;
I will declare what God has done, What He has done for me!”

“I called to God and cried out, I extolled Him with high praise;
Had I of sin been thinking, Surely God would never hear.
But God indeed has heard my prayer; Blessed be God who hears;
He has not checked my prayer to Him, Nor His own love to me.”

Page 52 (Psalm 71)
For Even From My Youth, O God

“For even from my youth, O God, by Thee have I been taught;
And hitherto I have declared the wonders Thou hast wrought.
And now O God, forsake me not when I am old and gray;
Till I proclaim Thy wondrous deeds to this and ev’ry age.”

“Thy perfect righteousness, O God, the heaven’s height exceeds;
O God, who is like Thee, who has performed such mighty deeds?
Thou who hast shown me trials sore and great adversities;
Will quicken me again and bring me from the depths of earth.”

“My greatness and my pow’r Thou will increase and far extend;
Against all grief on ev’ry side to me will comfort send.
And I will also praise Thy truth, O God, with psaltery;
Thou Holy One of Israel, with harp I’ll sing to Thee.”

Page 53 (Psalm 71)
O God, Forsake Me Not

“Eternal God, my hope and refuge; Thou art my rock and fortress;
O God incline Thine ear to me; Save me from the unjust man.
Thou art my help and trust, O Lord; My praise shall always be to Thee;
My mouth is filled with praise and glory, O God, forsake me not.  ”

“Eternal God, be not far from me! O God, make haste to help me!
I’ll hope and praise Thee more and more; I will tell of thy great works.
Lord, when I’m old forsake me not; My enemies against me plan;
They say, His God will not protect him, O God, forsake me not.”

“Eternal God, our great creator; Thy justice reaches heaven;
Thou who hast shown me many trials; Thou shalt give me life once more.
My lips will shout for joy, O God; When I sing songs of praise to Thee;
Thou Holy One who hast redeemed me; O God, forsake me not.”

Page 54 (Psalm 72)
Let All Nations Hail Him King!

“Give the king Thy judgments God, Justice to his royal son!
Let him judge with equity; Deal justice to the poor!
Let the mountains and the hills Bear prosperity for all;
May he judge in peace and righteousness and defend the needy ones.”

“In His days shall peace abound; In the days of Christ the King,
Righteousness shall flourish then And endure forevermore!
His dominion shall extend Out from Zion to earth’s end;
Kings and people all will yield to Him; He will rule from sea to sea.”

“Kings of east and kings of west, All kings shall homage pay!
All His enemies shall bow And grovel in the dust!
For he pities those forlorn; Hears all those who cry to Him;
He will save the weak and all oppressed; they are precious in His sight.”

“Blessed be His glorious name; Let all nations hail Him King!
Blessed shall He be away, The God of Israel;
Blessed be His glorious name!  He alone works wonders great!
For His glory all the earth shall fill; Even so, Amen, Amen!”

Page 55 (Psalm 72)
Give Judgement To The King, O God

“Give judgment to the king, O God, and to the royal son;
The spirit of Thy righteousness, that he may rightly judge.
Let hills and mountains bring forth peace, prosperity for all;
He shall defend the needy ones, and crush those who oppress!”

“Long may He live, long as the sun and moon above shall shine!
Like gentle rain on meadows green, and  showers that water earth!
For in His days shall peace abound; with justice shall He rule;
And righteousness shall fill the earth, as long as time exists!”

“From sea to sea, to ends of earth shall His dominion be!
His enemies shall lick the dust; His foes bow down to Him!
The kings of west and east shall bring their tribute unto Him;
Yes, all earth’s kings shall bow to Him; all ‘nations yield to Him!”

Page 56 (Psalm 74)
The Day And Night Are Thine

“The fount and flood were cleft by Thee, the mighty streams were dried.
The day and night are Thine, and Thou didst light and sun provide.
By Thee the borders of the earth were settled so to be;
The summer and the winter, Lord, created were by Thee.”

“That foolish people have blasphemed Thy Name Eternal God;
That spiteful foes have Thee reproached in memory record.
Leave not Thy dove unto the multitude of wicked men;
The congregation of Thy poor, forget not to the end.”

“Lord, to Thy covenant have respect; because in ev’ry clime
Are earth’s dark places filled with homes of cruelty and crime.
Let not all those who are oppressed return again with shame;
Let those who poor and needy are give praises to Thy Name.”

Page 57 (Psalm 75)
Let Us Sing To God

“Let us sing to God and praise His name, Unto Him shall we give thanks!
For His wondrous works His name declare; Let us tell of His great deeds!
The Eternal says that He will judge, When the proper time is come;
Tho’ the earth and all totters and dissolves, He will make its pi)Jars stand.

“The Eternal says unto the proud, Do not boast nor flaunt your pow’r;
And unto the wicked He has said, Do not lift your horn on high.
Neither from the east, nor from the west, Comes the lifting up of men.
It is God who lifts and who lowers men; For He righteously will judge.”

“In the hand of God there is a cup, And the wine therein is red;
It is full of wrath from which He pours; Wicked men must drain its dregs.
But I shall declare and praise my God; To the God of Jacob sing!
For the Lord shall lift up the righteous man; And shall wicked men cut off.

Page 58 (Psalm 76)
His Name Is Great!

“In Judah God is known and feared; In Israel His Name is great;
His tent in Salem He hath reared; His royal seat in Zion hath made.
There He broke arrows of the bow, The shield, the sword and war’s array;
More excellent, O Lord, art Thou, More glorious far than hills of prey.”

“The stout of heart are spoiled in fight, A deadly sleep the warrior slept;
No hand of all the men of might; Its wonted strength or cunning kept.
O Jacob’s God, at Thy command, The chariot and the horse went down;
For Thou art fearful, who can stand, In the tempest of Thy frown?”

“From heaven God His judgment gave, The trembling earth stood still and feared;
When all the meek on earth to save; For righteous judgment God appeared.
Let all around their presents bring, To Him whom all the world should fear;
He cuts off princes, God the King, Shall fearful to earth’s kings appear.”

Page 59 (Psalm 77)
Unto God I Lift My Voice

“Unto God I lift my voice; Unto Him I cry.
In the day my trouble comes, Then I seek my God.
In the night I do not cease, I am overwhelmed;
I remember God and moan; Never close my eyes.”

“I consider days of old; Years of ancient times.
I commune with mine own heart; Search and meditate.
Will the Lord cast off His love, And no more be kind?
Is this now my lot and trial; Will His kindness fail?”

“Has the Most High strength no more; Has His promise failed?
Then I think of His great works; Muse on wonders old.
I will talk of His great deeds; Who is great like God?
God’s true way is holiness; Far removed from sin.”

“By God’s mighty arm and strength, Israel was saved.
Then the waters of the seas Saw and did obey.
Clouds poured forth and lightening flashed; Thunders rent the skies;
Whirlwinds shook the earth below; God so led His flock.”

Page 60 (Psalm 80)
O Thou The Shepherd Of Israel Art

“O Thou the Shepherd of Israel art; Hear Thou our prayer
and Thy favor impart; Thou leader of Joseph, Thou guide of his
way, Mid cherubim dwelling Thy glory display. In Ephraim’s,
Manasseh’s, and Benjamin’s sight, Come Thou and save us; awake in Thy might.”

“How long in anger will Thou turn away, O Lord of
hosts, when Thy people do pray ? With tears and sorrow their table is
laid; Of bitter mixture their drink hast Thou made. Give us Thy favor,
restore us Thy grace; Then we shall live in the light of Thy face.”

“Thou made us a scorn to our neighbors around; Our foes in laughter
and scoffing abound. O Thou, God of Isr’el, return unto Thine; Look
down from heaven and visit this vine; No more shall we wander,
delighting in shame; Save us, O Lord, for we call on Thy name.

Page 61 (Psalm 80)
Thou Shepherd That Dost Israel Keep

“Thou Shepherd that dost Israel keep, Give ear in time of need;
Who leadeth like a flock of sheep Thy loved one, Joseph’s seed.
That sit’st between the cherubs bright, Between their wings outspread;
Shine forth, and from Thy cloud give light, And on our foes thy dread.”

“In Ephraim’s and in Benjamin’s view, And in Manasseh’s sight,
Awake Thy strength, come and be seen To save us by Thy might.
Turn us again; Thy grace divine To us, O God, vouchsafe;
Cause Thou, Thy face on us to shine, For then we shall be safe.”

“Lord God of Hosts, how long wilt Thou, How long wilt Thou declare
Thy smoking wrath, and angry brow, Against Thy people’s prayer?
Return to us Thy grace divine, O God of Hosts, vouchsafe;
Cause Thou, Thy face on us to shine, For then we shall be safe.”

Page 62 (Psalm 81)
Praise The Eternal With A Psalm!

“Praise the Eternal with a psalm, Sing to the God of Jacob;
Raise the chorus, make a joyful noise, Bring out the harp and timbrel.
Blow on the trumpet, sound the drum On our solemn feast day;
This is a statute and a law Which God has ordained for Isr’el.”

“Hear, O my people, hear my voice; I will admonish Isr’el;
You shall have no other foreign gods; I am the God who freed you.
When you were troubled you did call; I delivered Isr’el.
God answer’d in the secret place; With thunder He did command them.”

” I am the God who brought you out, Out from the land of Egypt;
Hear, O lsr’el, open wide your mouth; I surely then will fill it.
But Israel would not heed God; They would have their own ways;
O, if they only had obeyed, Their God would have surely freed them.

Praise the Eternal with a psalm, Sing to the God of Jacob;
Raise the chorus, make a joyful noise, Bring out the harp and timbrel.
Blow on the trumpet, sound the  drum  On our solemn feast day;
This is a statute and a law Which God has ordained for lsr’el.

Page 63 (Psalm 81)
Sing Songs Of Praise To Him!

“Praise the Eternal with a Psalm, Sing songs of praise to Him!
Play on the timbrel and the harp, And make a joyful noise!
This is a statute and a law, God has ordained for us;
In the appointed time to keep; this do on God’s solemn feast!”

“Blow on the trumpet, sing a Psalm, Make joyful noise to God!
He has delivered us from sin, Saved us from Egypt’s land!
We cried to God in bondage there; God heard and answered us;
From thunder clouds He answered us: Hear, O my people, hear my words!”

“But His own people would not hear, They would not hear His voice;
They only wanted their own way, Following in their lusts.
O that my people would obey; Walking in all my ways!
I should have soon delivered them; Turned my hand against their foes!”

Page 64 (Psalm 82, 83)
Rise And Judge, Eternal One!

“In the midst of magistrates, God His judgment gives.
This He asks, how long will you Thus unjustly judge,
To respect the wicked’s cause, And the righteous blame?
Judge the poor and fatherless; Judge them righteously.”

“Earth’s foundations have been moved; All in darkness walk.
Judges of the earth know not Nor will understand;
God has said they are like gods, Sons of God Most High;
But they all shall die like men; And as princes fall.”

“Keep not silence, O my God; Your foes plot their schemes;
That the name of Israel May be blotted out;
Put them all to shame, O God, As they would Your sons;
Rise and judge, Eternal One, For the earth is Yours!”

“Let men know that You, O Lord, The Eternal One,
Are Most High o’er all the earth; Let men know Your Name!
They know not nor understand; They shall die like men;
Rise and judge, Eternal One, For the earth is Yours!”

Page 65 (Psalm 84)
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings

“How lovely are Thy dwellings, O Eternal Lord of Hosts!
My soul is longing, fainting for Thee, O living God.
Yea, the bird has found its home, built a nest to lay her young;
O that I may find Thine altars, My Lord, my King, my God!”

“How lovely are Thy dwellings, O Eternal Lord of Hosts!
For those who dwell in Thy house shall ever sing Thy praise!
Blest and happy is the man, who has found his strength in Thee;
He is stronger day by day, And shall in Zion dwell!”

“How lovely are Thy dwellings, O Eternal Lord of Hosts!
Give ear unto my prayer, O God of Israel;
For a day with Thee is better, than a thousand other days;
O that I may find Thine altars, My Lord, my King, my God!”

Page 66 (Psalm 84)
O Lord Of Host, My King, My God!

“O Eternal, Lord of Hosts, How my heart cries out for Thee;
How my soul longs for Thy courts, And for Thy tabernacles dear.
As the sparrow finds a home, As the swallow finds a nest;
Blest are those who dwell with Thee, O Lord of Hosts, my King, my God!”

“In Thy house, Lord, all are blest; They shall ever sing Thy praise!
Blest and happy is the man Whose strength is in the Lord his God.
They all go from strength to strength, All appear before their God,
God of Jacob, hear my prayer, O Lord of Hosts, my King, my God!”

“Now behold, O God, our shield; Look on Thine anointed ones;
Hear my prayer, O Lord of Hosts, O God of Jacob, now give ear;
Better one day in Thy house, Than a thousand days without;
Better one day in Thy house, O Lord of Hosts, my King, my God!”

Page 67 (Psalm 86)
O Be Merciful To Me

“Give ear, O God, and answer me, for I am most wretched;
O save my life, Your servant save, for I put my trust in You.
O be merciful to me, for to You I daily cry;
For You are good, and You forgive those who call upon Your name.”

“When trouble comes, I call on You, for it’s You who answers me.
Among the gods none is like You; You alone are God indeed!
Neither are there any works like the wonders You perform!
Nations You made shall bow to You, and shall glorify Your name!”

“Teach me Your way, O Lord my God, that I may walk in Your truth.
Lead me to live loyal to You; with my whole heart praise Your name!
For Your mercy is most great; from the grave You saved my life!
Great is Your love, Eternal God, I shall glorify Your name!”

“Proud men arise, seeking my life; men who do not care for You.
But You, O Lord, are a great God, full of mercy, grace and truth.
Turn to me and pity me, grant Your servant strength, O God;
Show unto me Your favor, God, that my foe may be ashamed.”

Page 68 (Psalm 88)
O Thou God Of My Salvation

“O Thou God of my salvation, Day and night I cry to Thee;
Hear my humble supplication, Quickly bow Thy ear to me.
Filled with grief my soul is sighing; To the grave my life draws near,
Numbered now among the dying; Like one helpless I appear.”

“Free to sleep in death’s dark chamber, Like the slain within the grave;
Whom Thou dost no more remember, Whom Thy hand no more shall save.
In the pit Thy hand has laid me, In the darkness and in deeps;
Sorely has Thy wrath dismayed me; O’er my soul affliction sweeps.”

“Mourns my eye, my powers languish, Sore affliction presses me,
Lord, I cry to Thee in anguish, Daily stretch my hands to Thee.
But, O Lord, at dawn awaking, Prayer and cries I’ll send to Thee;
Why, my God, my soul forsaking, Hidest Thou Thy face from me?”

Page 69 (Psalm 89)
How Long Eternal Hide Thou Away?

How long, Eternal, hide thou away?
When will Thy wrath not burn like a fire?
Wherefore hast Thou make all men in vain?
Thou, God, remember, fleeting is life.”

“What man can live and never see death?
Who can escape the pow’r of the grave?
Where is the former love, O my God?
Which unto David, Thou hast pledged.”

“Recall, Eternal, Thy slave is scorned;
Now I do bear insults of the world;
And with Thy foes mock Thy chosen ones,
Blessed Eternal, always. Amen.”


Page 70 (Psalm 90)
Thou Art Our God Forever

“Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place; From all eternity.
Ere ever mountains were brought forth Thou art our God forever.
Who knows Thy pow’r, who knows Thy wrath, Which of us dreads Thine anger?
O Thou, Eternal, give us grace; Make us glad that we may rejoice.”

“Our days are threescore years and ten, Or at the best fourscore.
Even as Thou afflicted us, So make us glad, Eternal.
We were consum’d by Thy great wrath; Our sins were bare before Thee.
Teach us, O God, to count our days, That Your wisdom may fill our hearts.”

“O Thou Eternal, give us peace; O God, return to us.
Now let Thy work appear, O God, Thy beauty be upon us,
Let us rejoice, let us be glad; Thy mercy be upon us;
Show us Your loving kindnesses, That we may once again rejoice.”

Page 71 (Psalm 92)
How Good It Is To Thank The Lord

“How good it is to thank the Lord, and to Thy Name our praises sing;
And to proclaim Thy steadfast love each day, and declare Thy faithfulness
by night. Sing to the music of the lute, and with a solemn sound upon the
lyre; For Thy works have made me glad, O Lord, and of Thy deeds will I sing!”

“Great are Thy works Eternal Lord; deep are Thy thots, O Thou Most High;
Senseless men and fools will never know nor understand Thy ways.Though
the wicked sprout as grass, and evil doers flourish for awhile; They shall
all be rooted and destroyed, while Thou art supreme forever on high!

“Good men shall flourish like the palm, strong as a cedar shall they be;
For they are planted in the house of God and they shall grow within His courts;
Even in age shall they bear fruit, rich and green they ever shall be;
For God is faithful evermore, and there is no unrighteous in Him.

Page 72 (Psalm 95)
O Come And Let Us Worship Him

“O come, let us in songs to God, Our cheerful voices raise;
In joyful shouts let us the Rock Of our salvation praise!
Before His presence let us come With praise and thankful voice;
Let us sing psalms to Him with grace, and make a joyful noise!”

“For God, a mighty God and King; Above all gods He is;
The depths of earth are in His hand, The strength of hills is His.
To Him the spacious sea belongs, For He the same did make;
The dry land also from His hands Its form at first did take.”

“O come, and let us worship Him, Let us bow down withal;
And on our knees, before the Lord, Our Maker, let us fall.
Because He only is our God; And we His people are;
And of His pasture, we are sheep In His almighty care.”

Page 73 (Psalm 97)
The Lord Eternal Reigns!

“The Lord Eternal reigns! Let us rejoice!
Let all the multitudes of earth be glad!
Dark clouds surround Him and fire burns His foes;
Like wax the mountains melt at His return.

“His lightnings bare the earth; Men see and shake!
His high authority heavens proclaim!
All those who idols serve shall be ashamed.
Judah rejoices and Zion is glad!

“Our God is far above all other gods!
He is exalted above all the earth!
He will preserve His saints; those who love Him.
Rejoice you righteous and give thanks to God!”

Page 74 (Psalm 98)
Sing Praises And Rejoice!

“O sing a new song to the Lord, for wonders He hath done!
His right hand and His holy arm Him victory hath won!
The Lord, His salvation, hath caused it to be known;
His justice in the nations sight, He openly hath shown.

“He mindful of His grace and truth to Isr’el’s house hath been;
The great salvation of our God all ends of the earth hath seen!
Let  all the earth unto the Lord send forth a joyful noise,
Lift up your voice aloud to Him, sing praises and rejoice!”

“With harp, with harp and voice of psalms, O sing unto the Lord!
With trumpets, cornets, gladly sound before the Lord the King.
Let seas, and all their fullness roar; the world and dwellers there;
Let floods clap hands and let the hills together joy declare!”

“O sing a new song to the Lord, for wonders He hath done!
His right hand and His holy arm Him victory hath won!
Rejoice, ye hills before the Lord; to judge the earth comes He!
He’ll judge the world with righteousness; His folk with equity.”

Page 75 (Psalm 99)
Holy, Mighty Majesty!

“The Eternal reigneth high above; He is mighty, He is great.
There between the cherubim He sits; Let the people praise His name!
He is King and He maintains the right; He restoreth equity;
Worship and exalt the Eternal One!  Holy, mighty Majesty!”

“The Eternal One is God and King, And He spoke unto His priests;
In the pillar of the cloud He spoke; Unto them who kept His law.
Moses is among them, Aaron too; They extolled the Lord their God.
Samuel also called upon His name; God did hear and answered them.

“O Eternal, You did answer them, You forgave and You aveng’d;
So, exalt the One Eternal God, Who in Zion is most great!
He is King and He maintains the right; He restoreth equity;
Worship and exalt the Eternal One!  Holy, mighty Majesty!

Page 76 (Psalm 76)
Sing To The Lord With Cheerful Voice

“All people that on earth do dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice.
Serve Him with joy, His praises tell, Come ye before Him and rejoice!
And know the Lord is God in deed; Without our aid He did us make;
We are His flock, He doth us feed, And for His sheep He doth us take.”

“O enter then His gates with praise, Gaily approach unto His courts:
Praise Him, and bless His name alway, For it is seemly so to do.
For God the Lord is ever good, His mercy is forever sure;
His truth at all times firmly stood, And shall from age to age endure.”

Page 77 (Psalm 101)
I’ll Sing Of Mercy And Justice

“I’ll sing of mercy and of justice, Lord, I’ll sing to Thee;
With wisdom in a perfect way shall my behavior be.
O when, in kindness unto me, wilt Thou be pleased to come?
I with a perfect heart will walk within my house at home.”

“I will endure no wicked thing before mine eyes to be;
I hate their work that turn aside, it shall not cleave to me.
A stubborn and a forward heart shall quite depart from me;
A person giv’n to wickedness I will not know at all.”

“I’ll cut him off that slandereth his neighbor privily;
The haughty heart I will not bear, nor him that looketh high.
Upon the faithful of the land mine eyes shall always be;
With favor shall I look on them that they may dwell with me.”

“No man who practices deceit shall dwell within my house;
And in my presence shall no man remain who utters lies.
Yea, all he wicked of the land I early will destroy;
And cut off evildoers from the city of the Lord.”

Page 78 (Psalm 102)
He Shall Reign Forevermore

“Hear my prayer, O Thou Eternal, Hide not Thy face from me.
Hear my cry and quickly answer When my day of trouble comes.
Like grass my heart is withered, My days like grass consumed;
My God, take not my life now, In the midst of my days.”

“Like an owl in some poor wasteland, I mourn and cannot sleep;
Like a melancholy sparrow, Like a pelican alone.
O Thou, Eternal, hear me, And answer speedily;
Hide not Thy face from me, Lord, For I moan bitterly.”

“When our God returns from heaven, Then Zion shall be built;
He shall come in all His glory; He shall help the destitute;
Their prayers He will despise not, Their groaning He will hear;
And they shall dwell in safety, for our God shall return.”

“When all people then are gathered To serve the Lord their God;
To declare His Name in Zion, In Jerusalem His praise!
All kings shall see His glory, All nations hear His Name!
His fame shall be declared then; He shall reign forevermore!”

Page 79 (Psalm 104)
Bless The Lord Eternal, O My Soul

“Bless the Lord Eternal, O my soul, Bless His holy sacred name!
And forget not all His benefits To those who fear His name.
He forgives all our iniquities; Our diseases He will heal;
From destruction He redeems our life, And He crowns us with His love!”

“Bless the Lord Eternal, O my soul, Let the heavens praise His name!
For His mercy is as high above As heav’n above the earth.
Not according to our many sins Has the Lord so dealt with us;
For as far as east is from the west, He removes from us our sins!”

“Bless the Lord Eternal, O my soul, Let the angels praise His name!
For in heaven He has fixed His throne And there He rules the earth.
The Eternal vindicates the cause Of all those who have been wronged;
For His mercy is as high above As the heav’ns above the earth!”

“Bless the Lord Eternal, O my soul, For His love always endures!
And His loyalty is to our sons Who keep all His commands.
As for man, he blossoms like a flow’r, And his days are like the grass;
But from death the Lord redeems our life, And He crowns us with His love!”

Page 80 (Psalm 104)
O Bless And Praise God!

“O bless and praise God, O my soul, praise his Name!
Eternal One, my God, Thou art very great!
O Thou art arrayed in glorious majesty.
Thou cov’rest Thyself with light as with a robe.”

“Thou spreadest the heavens; made them like a tent;
Thou buildest Thy chambers on waters above:
Thou formest the clouds to be Thy chariot;
Thou walketh and rideth on the wings of wind.”

“Thou makest the winds to be Thy messengers;
And also Thy ministers flames of fire;
Thou didst set the earth on its foundations,
So that it never should be shaken or be moved.”

“With the deep Thou didst cover earth as with a robe;
Till waters rose and stood over mountains great;
They fled at Thy rebuke; Thy voice of thunder;
At Thy command mountains rose and valleys formed.”

Page 81 (Psalm 106)
Remember Us, O Eternal

“Give thanks to God! Hallelujah, praise Him!
Praise Him for He is good and His mercy endures.
Who can show forth the Eternal’s great works?
Who can show praise that is due unto Him?
Happy are they who observe righteousness;
They shall rejoice, with the Lord’s chosen ones.”

“Remember us, O Eternal, our God;
Favor Your people with Your great saving pow’r.
We have all sinned as our fathers of old;
Yet were they saved that Your works might be known.
They did not then understand those great works;
Save us, O Lord our God, with Your own chosen ones.”

“God held the sea, And the waters were dried;
Our fathers crossed the sea as on wilderness land.
Waters then rushed over all of their foes;
They sang His praise but they soon did forget.
God gave them up to their selfish desires;
Save us, O Lord our God, that we may give You praise.”

Page 82-83 (Psalm 105)
O Give Thanks And Praise The Eternal

“O give thanks and praise the Eternal, Call upon His sacred name;
Let His deeds be known among nations; Sing to Him, sing songs of praise.
Tell of all His marvelous wonders, Glory in His most holy name!
Let the hearts of those rejoice, Who seek God and fear His name;
Worship Him forever and ever; Never forget His wonderful works!”

“O remember all of His judgments, All His deeds and wonders great;
O remember, children of lsr’el, He made you His chosen ones!
He is our God now and forever! The Eternal, great is His name!
Over all He reigns supreme, All His judgments fill the earth.
God of Abrah’m, Isaac and Jacob, Glory to Him, Sing praise to His name!”

“The Eternal’s word is forever; He confirmed His covenant;
For a thousand generations, To His people Israel.
For He gave to them a possession, For an everlasting domain;
As their portion evermore, Canaan’s land He gave to them.
God of Abrah’m, Isaac and Jacob, Glory to Him, Sing praise to His name!”

Page 84 (Psalm 107)
O That Men Would Praise Their God!

“O that men would praise their God for all His goodness and all His works!
For He fills the hungry soul and they who are thirsty He satisfies.
Some are bound in darkness and chains; For their rebellion against the Most

“O that men would praise their God for all His goodness and all His love.
He has opened the prisons wide and saved men from death where they lay enslaved;
In their trouble they cried to Him And with His word He delivered their lives.”

“O that men would praise their God for all He does for the sons of men.
O that they would give thanks to Him with shouts of joy and with songs of
praise! Some crossed o’er the stormy seas; They see the wonders of God in the

Page 85 (Psalm 11)
Wisdom Begins With The Fear Of The Lord

“Praise you the Lord with your whole heart give praise; Where the upright
are assembled for God; His glorious works shall forever endure, Worthy of
honor and praise. There is no end unto His righteousness; Great works of wonder
He makes, What we may know the Eternal is good, Full of compassion and grace.”

“For those who fear Him our God will provide; Ever His cov’nant He will not
forget; He showed His people the pow’r of His works, Lands of the heathen to gain.
Judgment and truth are the works of His hands, All His commandments are sure; They are
all done in uprightness and truth; They shall forever endure.”

“Unto His people redemption He sent; God has commanded His cov’nant alway;
Steadfast and sure it forever will stand; Holy and rev’rend His name.
Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord; God’s praise endureth for aye;
His laws impart understanding and grace To those who heed and obey.”

Page 86-87 (Psalm 114)
When Israel Out Of Egypt Went

“When lsr’el out of Egypt went and did his dwelling change,
When Jacob’s house went out from those who were of language strange,
God, Judah made to be His own and Isr’el His domain;
At the sight of them the sea quickly fled, Jordan was driven back.”

“Like rams the mountains and like lambs the hills skipped to and fro.
O sea, what ails you, that you flee; O Jordan, that you turn back?
What ails you mountains, that you skip, you skip and leap like rams;
What ails you, hills, that you did leap, That you did leap like lambs?”

“O at the presence of the Lord, earth trembled so with fear.
O as the presence of the God of Jacob did appear;
Who from the hard and stony rock did pools of water bring;
And by His pow’r He turned the flint Into a water spring.”

Page 88 (Psalm 115)
Praise Belongs To God!

“Not unto us, Eternal God, But unto Thy Name give praise!
Glory unto Thee belongs; Truth and mercy sure.
They who trust in the Lord, They who fear Him, small and great;
He will be their help and shield.  Praise belongs to God!”

“Our God is on His throne in heav’n; He has done what pleases Him.
So why do the heathen say, Where is now your God?
Israel, trust in God!  He will be your help and shield;
House of Aaron, trust your God, Help and shield is He.”

“Men make their idols with their hands, gods of silver, gods of gold;
They have mouths but do not speak; Ears but do not hear!
Israel, trust in God!  All who fear Him He will bless!
He will be your help and shield.  Praise belongs to God!”

Page 89 (Psalm 118)
O Give Thanks Unto Our God

“O give thanks unto our God; Blessed be His Name!
His mercy shall always endure; His kindness never fails.
Let Israel confess to God: His mercy always shall endure;
Let Aaron’s household now repeat, His mercy never fails!”

“I called upon the Lord my God; In distress I cried!
He answered me and set me free; Put your confidence in God.
With the Eternal on my side; Why should I fear what men can do?
Trust not in princes nor in man; Better far to trust in God!”

“All nations compassed me about; Compassed me like bees;
But the Eternal is my strength; In his Name I cut them off.
Open the gates of righteousness; Where all the righteous enter in;
I shall not die but there shall live, And shall tell of all His works!”

“O give thanks unto our God; He has answered me!
He my salvation has become; He the chief, the cornerstone.
He by the builders was refused; He was rejected by His own.
God is the Lord who show’d us light; Blessed be the Name of God!”

Page 90 (Psalm 119)
O How Love I Thy Law!

“O how love I Thy law! It is ever with me;
It is my meditation; All the day in my thoughts.
I have held back my feet From the ways of this world;
Thou hast given me wisdom By Thy righteous commands.”

“O how love I Thy law ! It is ever with me;
I have more understanding Than the ancients of old.
From thy precepts I learn Ev’ry false way to hate;
I have more understanding For I dwell on Thy law.”

“O how love I Thy law! It is ever with me;
Thy commands make me wiser Than my unfriendly foes.
O how sweet are Thy words, More than honey is sweet!
From Thy judgments, Eternal, Let me never depart.”

Page 91 (Psalm 119)
For Thy Law Is Truth And Love

“With my whole heart have I cried to Thee; O Eternal hear my prayer;
For I keep Thy law and meditate on Thy precepts night and day.
I am up before the dawn to pray; For my hope is in Thy word.
Hear my voice according to Thy great love; Save me Lord, and quicken me.”

“My pursuers come with malice near; And Thy law they do not keep;
But Eternal, Thou art near to me and all Thy commands are true;
Thou hast founded them forever, Lord, They are valid for all time.
Look on my affliction, deliver me; For I love Thy law, O God.”

“I do not forget Thy law, O God; How I love all Thy commands;
But the wicked do not seek Thy law and Thy way is far from them.
Many are my persecutors, Lord, Yet I never turned from Thee.
O consider how I do love Thy law; For Thy law is truth and love.”

Page 92 (Psalm 119)
I Hate The Thoughts Of Vanity

“I hate the tho’ts of vanity but I do love Thy law.
Thou art my shield and hiding place; I on Thy word rely.
All ye who evil doers are, from me depart away;
Because the precepts of my God I purpose to obey.”

“Uphold and strengthen me according to Thy faithful word;
That I may live and of Thy hope, may never be ashamed.
O, hold me safe, and ever in Thy will let me delight;
That for the statutes of my God I may have deep respect.”

“My God will set at naught all those who from His precepts stray;
For their own lies are all in vain, and they themselves deceive.
For all the wicked of the earth are counted but as dross;
And therefore do I love Thy law and testimonies pure.”

Page 93 (Psalm 119)
Lord You Dealt Well With Me

“Lord, You dealt well with me as Your word says;
Teach me in judgment and knowledge, I pray.
Although I strayed, I have turned to Your ways,
And I believe Your commandments are just.
Proud men and godless besmear me with lies;
Their minds are dull and their hearts are as gross!
But I delight in Your precepts and laws;
More than with thousands in silver and gold.”

“Your hands have fashioned and made me, O Lord;
To understand and to learn Your commands;
Those who see me shall fear You and rejoice,
Because I trusted and hoped in Your word.
I know, O Lord, that Your judgments are right;
You did afflict me in Your faithfulness.
But now console me with Your steadfast love;
For I rely on Your mercy and love.”

“For Your salvation my soul does cry out;
I have become like a wineskin in smoke;
Yet do I not forget Your righteous law.
How many days must Your servant endure?
When will You judge those who, persecute me;
Those who are false and regard not Your law?
They have almost made an end of my life;
But as for me, I forsake not Your law.”

Page 94 (Psalm 120-121)
In Distress I Cried Unto The Lord

“In distress I cried unto the Lord and He did hear my prayer.
Save my soul from lying lips and from deceitful tongues, O Lord;
O what will you get from Him; what reward, O crafty tongue?
Arrows sharp shall pour on you with burning coals of juniper.”

“Woe is me that I sojourn in Mesech for so long a time;
And, alas, that in the tents of Kedar I should dwell therein;
My soul hath long dwelt with them; those who hate the peace I love;
But however peaceably I speak to them, then they’re for war.”

“I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence does my help come?
For my help comes from the Lord who made the heaven and the earth:
He will never let you slip, He who keeps you never sleeps.
He who keepeth Israel will never slumber, never sleep.”

“Neither sun nor moon shall smite you by the day nor by the night;
For the Lord will keep you from all evil, and shall save your life.
He’ll protect your going out; He’ll protect your coming in;
He will guard and keep your life from this time forth and evermore.”

Page 95 (Psalm 121)
To The Hills I’ll Lift Mine Eyes

“To the hills I’ll lift mine eyes; Ah, from whence shall come my help?
All my help comes from the Lord Who hath made the heaven and earth
He will e’er be thy guide, And thy foot shall never slide;
God who keepeth Israel, Never slumbers, never sleeps.”

“God thy keeper still shall stand, As a shade on thy right hand;
Neither sun by day shall smite, Nor the silent moon by night.
God shall guard from all ill, Keep thy soul in safety still;
Both without and in thy door, He will keep thee evermore.”

Page 96 (Psalm 127)
Unless The Lord Shall Build The House

“Unless the Lord shall build the house, The weary builders toil in vain;
Unless the Lord the city shields. The guards maintain a useless watch.
In vain you rise ere morning break, And late your nightly vigils keep,
And bread of anxious care partake; God gives to His beloved sleep.”

“Lo, children are the gift of God, And sons the blessing He commands;
These whom in youthful days bestowed, Are like the shafts in warrior’s hands.
And happy they whose quivers bear Full store of arrows such as these;
They in the gate are free from fear, And boldly face their enemies.”

“That man is blest who fears the Lord; Who lives and walks in all His ways;
For of his labor shall be eat; And he shall prosper all his days.
His wife shall be a fruitful vine; His children all like olive plants.
Behold the man who fears the Lord! To him His blessing will afford.”

Page 97 (Psalm 128)
Blest And Happy Is He

“Blest and happy is he who obeys and fears God;
He shall earn his daily bread and it shall be well with him.
With his wife in his house as a vine that bears fruit;
And his sons ’round his table, shall like olive plants be.”

“Blest and happy is he who obeys and fears God;
Out of Zion the Eternal will this blessing send him:
All the days of his life he and his sons shall thrive;
They shall see Isr’el flourish; In Jerusalem, peace.”

Page 98A (Psalm 46)
God Is Our Refuge

“God is our Refuge and our Strength, In straits a present aid;
Therefore although the earth remove, We will not be afraid.”

“Though hills amidst the seas be cast; Tho waters roaring make;
And troubled be; yea though the hills By swelling seas do shake.”

“A river is, whose streams make glad The City of our God;
The holy place, wherein the Lord Most High hath His abode.”

“God in the midst of her doth dwell; And nothing shall her move;
The Lord to her an helper will, And that right early, prove.”

Page 98B (Psalm 130)
My Hope Is In His Word

“Lord, from the depths to Thee I cried; My voice, Lord do Thou hear:
Unto my supplication’s voice Give an attentive ear.”

“Lord, who shall stand, if Thou, O Lord, Shouldst mark iniquity?
But yet with Thee forgiveness is, That feared Thou mayest be.”

“I wait for God, my soul doth wait; My hope is in His word.
More than they that for morning watch, My soul waits for the Lord.”

“I say, more than they that do watch The morning light to see.
Let Israel hope in the Lord, For with Him mercies be.”

“Redemption also plenteous Is ever found with Him:
And from all his iniquities He Isr’el shall redeem.”

Page 99 (Psalm 130)
In His Word Have I Hope

“Out of the depths Have I cried unto God;
If the Eternal One should mark our sins;
Who the, Almighty God, could hope to stand?
But God shows mercy to those who fear Him.”

“I wait for God; In His Word have I hope;
On the Eternal God my soul does wait.
More than those who watch for morning to come.
I say more than those who for morning watch.”

“Let Isr’el hope; There is mercy with God.
Plent’ous redemption from iniquity.
In the Eternal One shall lsr’el hope.
Let the Eternal God in love be feared.”

Page 100 (Psalm 132)
High On Zion’s Holy Hill

“Lord, remember David now, and think on all his weight of care,
How to You he made his vow, and to Jacob’s mighty God He sware:
I’ll not tread within my hall, nor on my bed will seek repose;
No sleep on my eyes shall fall, nor slumber shall my eyelids close.”

“Til for Jacob’s mighty one I find a sure and fit abode.
Of the ark at Ephratah we heard and found it in the wood.
Let us go to where God dwells and at His footstool bow us low.
Rise, O Lord, come to Your rest; and the ark Your might and strength to show.”

“God in truth to David swore, and His oath He never shall disown:
On Your throne Your seed shall reign; if My cov’nant and My laws they keep.
High on Zion’s holy hill the Lord has fixed His dwelling bright:
Here I’ll dwell forevermore; the chosen rest of my delight.”

“I will bless her with increase; with bread her poor will satisfy;
And her priests I’ll clothe with peace, and all her saints shall shout for joy.
David’s horn shall bud and grow, thence my anointed light shall stream.
Utter shame will clothe his foe, but bright his endless crown shall stream.”

Page 101 (Psalm 135)
Praise God’s Name!

“Hallelujah! Praise God’s Name! Praise His Name of whom you serve!
You who stand within God’s house shall praise His Name within His courts!
Praise the Lord for He is good; Sing your praises to His Name!
God has chosen for Himself, as His prized possession, Israel.”

“God is great above all gods, What He pleases that He does;
In the heav’n and on the earth; in the seas and depth of oceans wide;
Raises mists o’er all the earth; Sends the lightning and the rain;
And in Egypt He it was struck the firstborn both of man and beast.”

“He sent signs and wonders great In the midst of Egypt’s land:
Many nations did he strike; many mighty kings for Israel.
Great Your Name Eternal God; Great Your fame forevermore!
Both endure to ev’ry age and to generations yet to come.”

Page 102 (Psalm 136)
His Mercy Never Fails

“O give thanks, unto the Lord; Give thanks unto the Lord of lords;
He performs wonderful works; He stretch’d the earth above the sea!
Give thanks to God for He is good; He who alone doeth great works!
His kindness shall always endure, His mercy never fails!”

“O give thanks, unto the Lord; For it was He who made great lights;
For the day he made the sun; And for the night the moon and stars!
Give thanks to God for He is good; He who alone doeth great works!
His kindness shall always endure, His mercy never fails!”

“O give thanks, unto the Lord; He struck at Egypt’s stubborn pride;
Their first-born He took in wrath; He led His people thru the sea!
Give thanks to God for He is good; He who alone doeth great works!
His kindness shall always endure, His mercy never fails!”

“O give thanks, unto the Lord; For mighty kings of mighty names,
He destroyed and put to shame; Isr’el was saved from all their foes!
Give thanks to God for He is good; He who alone doeth great works!
His kindness shall always endure, His mercy never fails!”

Page 103 (Psalm 137)
By The Waters Of Babylon

“By the waters of Babylon, There we wept and there sat down;
Hung our harps on the willow trees, Zion, yet we remembered thee!
Then our captors required of us; Sing a song of Zion now!
Could we sing the Eternal’s songs, By the waters of Babylon?”

“Let my right hand forget her skill, If Jerusalem I forget;
If I fail to remember thee, Let my tongue cleave unto my mouth!
But we thought of Jerusalem, When we sat near Zion’s streams.
Far above even our chief joy, We remembered Jerusalem.”

“In that day of Jerus’lem’s fall, When the children of Edom said,
Down with her, down unto the ground, Even to the foundations!
O thou daughter of Babylon, To thy ruin hast’ning on;
Happy he that rewardeth thee, Just as thou unto us hast done.”

Page 104 (Psalm 138)
Lord, I Will Praise Thee!

“Lord, I will praise Thee with my whole heart;
I’ll sing Thy praises before all the gods;
Worship and bow t’ward Thy holy place,
Praising Thy Name for Thy kind love so true.”

“More than Thy Name Thy Word is enlarged;
And when I cried in that day Thou didst hear;
Thou strengthened me with Thy strength, O Lord;
Kings of the earth will then hear, praising Thee.”

“Yes, they shall hear, O Lord of Thy ways;
Then shall they sing for Thy glory is great;
Though God is high the poor He respects;
But strikes the proud down from His sovereign height.”

“Though in the midst of trouble I walk;
Thou wilt preserve with Thy right hand, my life;
Thou wilt fulfill Thy purpose for me;
Thy steadfast love will endure evermore.”

Page 105 (Psalm 139)
Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit, O God?

“Lord You have searched and have compassed my path.
You, O Eternal God, know all my ways.
You are before me and You are behind;
There is no word on my tongue that You miss;
My downfall and my uprising You know;
Your knowledge, Lord, is so far above me.”

“Where shall I go from Your spirit, O God?
Where shall I flee from Your presence, O Lord?
If up to heaven, behold You are there;
If down to hell, You would soon find me there;
If I take wings or dwell far out at sea;
Even Your right hand shall hold me, O God.”

“Though darkness comes and the night covers me,
Even the darkness hides nothing from God.
Yea, even darkness shall shine as the day;
To the Eternal they both are alike;
He knew my life ere before I was born;
How vast, O God, is the sum of Your thoughts!”

Page 106 (Psalm 141)
Hear My Cry, Eternal One

“Hear my cry Eternal One; Let my voice rise unto Thee;
Let my prayer as incense be; As the evening sacrifice.
Set a watch on my mouth; O Eternal, guard my lips;
Let my heart not turn to sin; Nor to practice wicked ways.”

“O Eternal, hear my cry; Let the righteous smite reprove;
‘Tis a kindness to desire; I will pray for their good will.
Let my heart turn from sin; Not to works of wicked men;
I would never taste their feasts; Their own judges are thrown down.”

“Hear my cry Eternal One; Tell the wicked of your threats;
How their bones shall lie around; Scattered at the mouth of graves.
O my God, turn mine eyes; Let me perish not with them;
Save me from the snare they lay; Let them fall in their own net.”

Page 107 (Psalm 142)
To The Eternal I Will Cry

“To the Eternal I will cry, and with my voice will I entreat;
Pouring before Him all my woes, for I am overwhelmed and faint;
In my path lies a hidden snare; there is none who will help nor care;
No refuge safe is there but God; all help fails that is not from Him.”

“To the Eternal I will cry, Thou art my refuge from all strife;
Give ear, attend my fervent cry; hear me, for I am very low;
Save me from my pursuing foes; for their strength is far more than mine;
Then shall I give thanks to Thy name, for Thy bountiful goodness, Lord.”

Page 108 (Psalm 143)
Give Ear To My Prayer, O Lord

“Give ear to my prayer, O Lord, And my supplications hear;
Answer me in faithfulness; In Thy righteousness.
Into judgment enter not With Thy servant, Lord, I pray;
For no living man is just, Righteous in Thy sight.”

“For the enemy, my foe, Persecuted he my soul;
My life hath he smitten down; Down unto the ground;
Made me in the darkness dwell; As those that have long been dead.
My spirit is overwhelmed, My heart desolate.”

“I remember days of old; Meditate on all Thy ways;
And I muse on all Thy works; All Thy hands have wrought.
After Thee my soul does thirst; As a thirsty land, Selah.
Hear me, Lord, make haste I pray, For my spirit fails.”

“Lord hear me, I pray of Thee, Hide not Thou Thy face from me;
Lest like unto them I be; Down unto the dust.
Cause Thy servant, Lord, to hear; Show Thy loving kindness, Lord;
For I lift my soul to Thee; I in thee do trust.”

Page 109 (Psalm 145)
O Lord, Thou Art My God And King!

“O Lord, Thou art my God and King! I’ll Thee exalt, Thy praise proclaim!
I will Thee bless, and gladly sing, Forever to Thy holy name!
The Lord our God most gracious is, in Him compassions also flow;
In mercy He is rich to bless, But unto anger He is slow.”

“To all the Lord is very good, O’er all His works His mercy is;
Thy works all praise to Thee afford; Thy saints O Lord, Thy name shall bless.
Thy Kingdom’s glory they shall show; they shall Thy power also tell;
So that men’s sons His deeds may know, His kingdom’s grace that doth excel.”

Page 110-111 (Psalm 143)
Lord, Teach Me That I May Know

“Lord, teach me that I may know of the way where I should go;
For to Thee I lift my soul, set me free from all my foes.
Unto Thee I flee to hide me, teach me now Thy will to do;
For Thou Eternal, art my God.  Lead me by Thy spirit good!”

“Bring my soul from trouble and for Thy name’s sake quicken me;
Lead me to the land of refuge, and for Thy mercy’s sake
Cut off all my foes, destroy them, they which do afflict my soul;
O Thou Eternal, righteous God; for I am Thy servant, Lord.”

Page 112-113 (Psalm 148)
Praise Ye The Lord!

“Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord! Praise from the heavens and
praise in the heights! Praise Him, ye angels, Praise Him, ye hosts,
And praise Him, ye sun, moon and stars in the heights! Heaven of
heavens, waters above; Praise the Eternal let all praise His Name!
When He commanded they were created, And by a decree fixed their bounds evermore!”

“Praise ye the Lord! Ye mammals and deeps too, Fire, hail and windstorms
fulfilling His word! Vapours and snow all hills, too, and mountains,
All cedars and fruitful trees, let’s praise His Name! Wild beasts and
cattle, birds and all reptiles, Earth’s kings and judges, all people and chiefs;
Young men and maidens, old men and children; All praise ye the Name of our God evermore!”

“Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord! Praise from the heavens and
praise in the heights! Praise Him, ye angels, Praise Him, ye hosts, His
glory is higher than heaven above; God lifted high the horn of His people;
He has exalted the praise of His saints;They are a people near unto God,
The children of Israel, praise ye the Lord!”

Page 114 (Psalm 146)
Hallelujah Praise God!

“Sing unto the Eternal, Sing your praises to Him;
Put your trust not in mortals, for in them is no help.
Hallelujah!  Praise God!  The Eternal shall reign!
He shall reign for all ages; Our King and our God!”

“Sing unto the Eternal, Give your praises to Him!
He it was who make heaven, earth and sea and all things-
Hallelujah!  Praise God!  The Eternal shall reign!
He shall reign for all ages; Our King and our God!”

“Sing unto the Eternal, Let your hope be in Him;
He remains true forever; He gives justice to all.
Hallelujah!  Praise God!  The Eternal shall reign!
He shall reign for all ages; Our King and our God!

Page 115A
Come Thou Almighty King

“Come, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy Name to sing,
Help us to praise: Father, all glorious, O’er all victorious,
Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days.”

“Come, Thou Incarnate Word, Gird on Thy mighty sword,
And us defend. Come and Thy people bless, And give Thy word success,
Spirit of holiness, Our pray’r attend.”

“Come, Holy Advocate, A pure heart in us create;
In this glad hour. Thou who almighty art, Open our minds to see
What Christ would have us be; Spirit of pow’r.”

Page 115B (Psalm 23)
The Lord’s My Shepherd

“The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want; He makes me down to lie.
In pastures green; He leadeth me The quiet waters by.”

“My soul He doth restore again; And me to walk doth make
Within the paths of righteousness, E’en for His own Name’s sake.”

“Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale, Yet will I fear none ill;
For Thou art with me; and Thy rod And staff me comfort still.”

“My table Thou hast furnished In presence of my foes;
My head Thou dost with oil anoint, And my cup overflows.”

“Goodness and mercy all my life Shall surely follow me;
And in God’s house forevermore My dwelling place shall be.”

Page 116 (Psalm 15)
I Will Sing To The Eternal

“I will sing to the Eternal; He has triumphed gloriously
He has stretch’d out His right hand and hurled the foe into the sea!
O Eternal, You are my strength, my song, my great salvation!
The Eternal, He is my God and I will glorify His name!”

“I will chase them and overtake them; catch them and divide the spoil;
Said the foe, I will destroy them but the foe drown’d in the sea!
O Eternal, at Your blast the waters piled up, tides were damn’d!
O Eternal, who is like You, glorious in holiness?”

“Nations heard of it and trembled; dread and terror on them fell;
Chiefs of Edom were affrighted; they all trembled in their fear,
Pharaoh’s horsemen and his chariots sank into the churning sea!
The Eternal led His people over dry land thru the sea!”

Page 117 (2 Sam 22)
Thee Will I Love, O Lord

“Thee will I love, O Lord, my might, My rock, my help, my saving pow’r,
My God, my trust, my shield in fight, My great salvation, my high tow’r.
To the Eternal is my prayer, To whom all praise we owe;
So shall I by His watchful care Safely be guarded from my foe.”

“In my distress I called on God, To the Eternal raised my prayer;
My voice He from His temple heard, My cry ascended to His ear.
He bowed the heav’ns His high abode, Came in the dark of night;
He on a cherub swiftly rode, And on the wings of wind His flight.”

“His deadly shafts around He threw, His foes dispersed in wild retreat;
Like burning darts His lightnings flew, Scattering them in sore defeat.
He sent from heav’n and rescued me From waters swelling high;
From those that hate me set me free, And foes that stronger were than I.”

“For who but God should be adored; Who but our God can us befriend?
Who is a rock besides the Lord; Who else is able to defend?
On the Eternal I relied, And over foes prevailed;
With the Almighty on my side, Their lofty walls I fearless scaled.”

Page 118 (Joel 2)
Blow The Horn, Let Zion Hear!

“Blow the horn, let Zion hear, for God’s day is now at hand;
Let the people tremble in this day of clouds and gloominess;
Troops so great and mighty strong, there has never been the like;
Nothing shall escape as they devour the stubble on their way.”

“Fire before them shall devour, flames ablaze are left behind;
Such as Eden was shall become a wilderness that’s desolate;
Like the noise of chariots; and as horsemen do they run;
Nothing shall escape as they devour the stubble on their way.”

“People are faint at their sight, for they run like mighty men,
Moving each on his own way they do not tangle in their paths,
Each does follow his own line, climbing walls like men of war;
Then they charge as warriors and advance like fighters on their way.”

“They upon the city leap, break thru weapons each unharmed
Run up on the walls and climb in houses thru the windows leap;
Earth is quaking as they come, heaven shake, stars cease to shine;
Then the Eternal thunders and the sun and moon become both black!”

Page 119 (Zech. 14)
Behold, The Day Will Come

“Behold, the day will come; the day of the Lord our God!
He shall bring all nations in that day against Jerusalem.
They shall take the city and share the spoil in the very midst of them;
Then our God Eternal shall go forth and shall fight against our foes!”

“In that great day of God our Lord shall stand on earth!
On the Mount of Olives He shall stand and the mount shall cleave in two!
There shall be a valley of mammoth size; by the valley you shall flee;
For our God Eternal shall be King and shall rule over all the earth!”

“In that great day of God t’will be neither day nor night;
But at eventime it shall be light; it shall be one day to God.
Out from Zion shall living waters flow, to the east and to the west;
Then our God Eternal shall be King; in that day shall there be one God!”

“Behold, that day shall come when all nations shall obey!
Those of all the nations that are left to Jerusalem shall go;
They shall even go there from year to year, and shall keep the feast of booths;

There shall be one God, the Eternal, who is King over all the earth!”

Page 120 (Matthew 28, Mark 16)
Go Ye Therefore Into All The World

“Go ye therefore into all the world; preach the gospel unto ev’ry one-,
Teach all nations to observe all things I have commanded you.
Baptize them into the Father’s Name, in the Holy Spirit’s and the Son’s:
Lo, I shall be with you to the end; lo, I am with you alway.”

“Those who have believ’d and are baptized shall be saved while others are
condemn’d Then as for those who now do believe these signs shall surely follow:
They shall cast out demons in My Name, they shall not be hurt by deadly things;
And they shall lay hands upon the sick; and the sick shall be made well.”

“Christ was taken up into the heav’ns after He had spoken all these words;
There His Father did receive Him and place Him at His right hand.Hisdisciples
went out as He said; and they preach’d the gospel everywhere; Christ
worked with them and confirmed the word, by those signs which followed them.”

Page 121 (1 Cor. 1)
Not Many Wise Men Now Are Called

“Not many wise men now are called, Not many noble brethren;
Not many mighty, chosen ones, For you see your calling:
Sons of God, you are called, Not because of greatness;
Even the wisdom of mankind Is to God but foolish.”

“God chose the foolish of the world; He chose the weak and base things;
He chose the things which are despised, That no flesh should glory.
Sons of God, you are called, Not because of greatness;
You who are called and now in Christ, Shall confound the mighty.”

“Even the foolishness of God, Wiser by far than man is;
Even the weakness of our God, Stronger far than man is:
Sons of God, you are called, Not because of greatness;
Let them who glory, boast in Christ, Not in their own greatness.

Page 122 (1 Cor. 13)
If I Have Not Charity

“Tho’ I speak with tongues of men, Tho’ I speak as angels,
If I have not charity I am become as nothing.
I become as sounding brass, Or a tinkling cymbal;
With the gift of prophecy, Still I am as nothing.”

“Tho’ I know all mysteries, Tho’ I have all knowledge,
If I have not charity I am become as nothing.
Tho’ I give all I possess, Let my body burn;
If I have not charity, ‘I hen I am as nothing.”

“Charity will suffer long, Charity is kind,
Envies not nor vaunts itself, Behaveth not unseemly.
Seeketh not to have her way, Nor is eas’ly angered;
If I have not charity, Then I am as nothing.”

“Charity rejoiceth not In iniquity,
But rejoiceth in the truth; Believes and bears all things;
Hopes all things, endures all things; Never thinketh evil.
If I have not charity, Then I am as nothing.”

“Whether there be prophecies, Whether there be knowledge,
These shall likewise pass away, But charity remaineth.
Faith and hope and charity; All of these abide;
But among the three of these, Charity is greatest.”

Page 123
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken

“Glorious things of thee are spoken, Zion, city of our God;
He whose word cannot be broken Formed thee for His own abode;
On the rock of Ages founded, What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation’s walls surrounded, Thou mayst smile at all thy foes.”

“See, the streams of living waters, Springing from eternal love,
Well supply thy sons and daughters, And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint, while such a river Ever flows their thirst to assuage?
Grace which, like the Lord, the Giver, Never fails from age to age.”

“Round each habitation hovering,  See the cloud and fire appear
For a glory and a covering, Showing that the Lord is near!
Glorious things of thee are spoken, Zion, city of our God;
He, whose word cannot be broken, Formed thee for His own abode.”

Page 124 (John 14)
God Speaks To Us

“God speaks to us; by His great power we’re led;
Let not your hearts become disquieted.
You trust in God; believe and trust in Me;
You trust in God; believe and trust in Me.”

“In God’s vast realm are many offices;
Were it not so I surely would have said;
For I must go; a place for you prepare.
For I must go; a place for you prepare.”

“And when this place has been prepared for you;
I will return; with Me you shall be, too.
So that where I am you may also be;
So that where I am you may also be.”

Page 125
America The Beautiful

“O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain!
America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea.”

“O beautiful for pilgrim feet, Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat Across the wilderness!
America!  America!  God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self control, Thy liberty in law!”

“O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life!
America!  America!  May God thy gold refine,
Till all success be nobleness, And ev’ry grace divine!”

“O beautiful for patriot dream That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears!
America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!”

Page 126
Onward Christian Soldiers!

“Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war,
With the word of Jesus Going on before;
Christ, the royal Master, Leads against the foe;
Forward into battle, See, His banners go!”

“Onward, Christian soldiers!  Marching as to war,
With the word of Jesus Going on before.”

“Like a mighty army Moves the Church of God;
Brothers we are treading Where the saints have trod;
We are not divided, All one body we;
One in hope and doctrine, One in charity.”

“Onward Christian soldiers!  Marching as to war,
With the word of Jesus Going on before.”

“Crowns and thrones may perish, Kingdoms rise and wane;
But the Church of Jesus Constant will remain;
Gates of hell can never ‘Gainst that Church prevail;
We have Christ’s own promise, Which can never fail.”

“Onward Christian soldiers!  Marching as to war,
With the word of Jesus Going on before.”

“Onward, then, ye people! Join our happy throng;
Blend with ours your voices In the triumph song;
Glory, laud, and honor, Unto Christ the King;
This thro’ countless ages Men and angels sing.”

“Onward Christian soldiers!  Marching as to war,
With the word of Jesus Going on before.”

Page 127
Battle Hymn Of The Republic

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.”

“Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!  Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!
Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!  His truth is marching on.”

“He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never sound retreat;
He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat;
O be swift, my soul, to answer Him; be jubilant my feet!
Our God is marching on.”

“Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!  Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!
Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!  Our God is marching on.”

“In the beauty of the autumn Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me;
As He lives to make men holy, let us live to make men free!
While God is marching on.”

“Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!  Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!
Glory! glory!  Hallelujah!  While God is marching on.”

Page 128
Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty

“Praise ye the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!
All ye who hear, Now to His temple draw near;
Join me in glad adoration!”

“Praise ye the Lord, who o’er all things so wondrously reigneth,
Shelters thee under His wings, yea, so gently sustaineth!
Hast thou not seen How thy desires e’er have been
Granted in what He ordaineth?”

“Praise ye the Lord, who with marvelous wisdom hath made thee!
Decked thee with health, and with loving hand guided and stayed thee;
How oft in grief Hath not He brought thee relief,
Spreading His wings for to shade thee!”

“Praise ye the Lord, O let all that is in me adore Him!
All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before Him!
Let the Amen Sound from His people again;
Gladly for aye we adore Him.”