We are Laodiceans…


How to Achieve Gold

The British rowing team had not won a gold medal since 1912.
To say that they didn’t have a great rowing program was an understatement.
Then their approach changed – and everything else followed.
They went from being average on the world stage to winning Olympic Gold.
They did this by asking on simple question before they would do anything.
I will tell you  this life transforming question a little later.

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Why Are We The Way That We Are? (Human Nature)

Why are we the way that we are? Mankind, in the form of science, philosophy and religion, has tried to quantify and qualify the ways that humans think, feel and act naturally.

This is what we mean generally speaking when we talk of human nature. What are the inherent characteristics of man?

We will have a look at what the Bible reveals about and that I believe answers – Why are we the way that we are?

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Is It All Worth It?

This Life

We ALL go through trials and tribulation – Is all that we go through in this life worth the trials and sorrow, misery, pain and heartache that we suffer?

Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once….

As a Christian we know that there is more to life than:

Days full of sorrow and burdensome work; nights that are not restful either (Ecclesiastes 2:23)

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