The Other Three Passovers

How would you present Christ’s life if you had lived with Him as a young man? Now how would your telling of the story change if you much older and had grown in grace and knowledge of that same Lord and Savior?

Let’s turn to it and see….in the book of John

John apparently lived the longest – Tasked with taking care of Jesus’ mother; and writing the book of Revelation

More than likely read the other gospel accounts

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Being a Tribulation Christian in the Good Times


Have you ever been in the throes of a trial

Too difficult to save yourself

Out of desperation and as a last resort you turn to God?

These are the times that are coming

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Signs of the Times: Iran in Prophecy

Iran = Persia = Elam

It is well accepted within secular circles that the ancient Persians are today’s Iranians. Though less known, it is also understood that the Elamites were what they were known as even before they became Persia.

Ancient Elam was situated in the area from SW Iran (just east of the Persian Gulf) up to western Iran. As they grew and spread out, they moved eastward, even as far as India (see the Parsee of India, a derivation of the word Persia).

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