Table of Nations

Have you ever wondered who the nations of the Bible are — especially now in this day and age?  When it comes to prophecy, it is particularly helpful to know the modern day equivalent of who the Bible is referring to when it speaks of future events.  Though it is not an exact science, below is a table that helps you to identify these peoples.

Amalek: PLO
Ammon: Jordan
Aram: Syria (with capital Damascus)
Asher: Belgium and Luxembourg
Assyria: Germany, Austria, German-speaking countries (small contingency in Iraq)
Benjamin: Norway and Iceland
Chaldea and Babylon: northern Italy (also southeastern France, and parts of Spain and northern Africa)
Cush: Ethiopia, formerly Abyssinia (some also in India and Sri Lanka)
Dan: Ireland and part of Denmark
Elam: Iran, aka Persia (some descendants also in Poland)
Ephraim: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, as well as part of South Africa
Esau, Edom: Turkey (also referred to as Idumea, Teman, Bozrah, Seir)
Gad: Switzerland
Gebal: Lebanon
Gomer: Mongolia
Hagar, Hagrites, Hagrenes: Possibly Syria or Saudi Arabia
Ishmael: Saudi-Arabia (also referred to as Kedar, Tema, Dedanites; his daughter Mahalath married Esau (Edom))
Issachar: Finland
Javan: Greece
Judah: The Jews, scattered among all nations, many in Israel
Kir: Albania or Media or Moab or Egypt or Assyria or Babylon
Levi: Some in Wales and Scotland
Lot: Jordan
Lubim: Perhaps part of Libya
Lydia: Descendants of Egypt who settled in North Africa
Magog: China
Manasseh: United States of America
Medes: Russians and Ukrainians
Meshech:  Moscow, Russia
Moab: Jordan, perhaps also Western Iraq
Naphtali: Sweden
Pathros: Original land of Egypt, also India
Philistia: Palestinians
Put: Libya (or parts of Libya), also parts of Northern and Central India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Reuben: parts of modern France
Rosh: White Russians
Shinar: Iraq
Simeon: Parts of Scotland (especially in Glasgow)
Tiras: American Indians
Togarmah: Siberia
Tubal: Tobolsk, Russia
Tyre: Babylonian system – Beast power
Zebulon: The Netherlands