There is No Immortal Soul

Nearly all religions believe that there is a separation of the temporary and eternal at our death. This is the concept of the immortal soul as it called in much of modern Christianity.

The term “immortal soul” is not found in the bible

Its roots are in Greek philosophy

It’s what man has concocted

But as we will see later, it goes back much farther than that

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Who are You?

I would like to begin today’s message by asking you a very simple question or so it seems at face value, yet one that maybe one of your most difficult and ongoing questions that you will ever have to answer.

Who are You?

If you are asked that question could you describe with a high degree of certitude exactly who you are?

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An End and a Beginning

Going forward, the decision has been made to change the Signs of the Times from its previous form to a video format.

Due to proprietary nature of an increasing number of news sites as well as ongoing questions to the veracity of what is being reported, the determination was made to communicate prophetically significant news in a commentary that would be unique in its composition.

In addition to this, the new format can be more readily distributed to the world in accordance with our stated goal in Matthew 29:19-20.

We hope that you enjoy the new direction!