Animal Attacks Becoming More Prevalent

Below are a few of the recent animals vs humans stories. This type of behavior will continue to become the norm as we get closer to the time just preceding the return of Christ (Isaiah 34:13-15). Also, it will be a means by which the fourth seal is carried out (Revelation 6:8). Afterwards, God will have to change the nature of animals (Isaiah 11:6-10) so that mankind will once again be able to live in peace and harmony with them.

Rare Solar Eclipse, Heavenly Signs and Revelation 12

This article is off-base because it does not follow one of the rules of understanding scripture (2 Peter 1:20; Isaiah 28:9-10). Nonetheless this concept below is gaining way too much traction already (Matthew 24:4) like the talk of the blood moons did previously.  So, please join us this Sabbath as we go through Revelation 12 and allow the Bible to interpret the Bible.

On Monday, Aug. 21, in the middle of the day, the sky will go dark….It’s easy to understand why many people will view this as an act of God.

In certain religious communities, the talk surrounding the eclipse has to do with a different sort of preparation. Gary Ray isn’t worried about just travel plans and adequate eye protection. He’s focused on the Rapture.

Ray, a writer for the evangelical Christian publication Unsealed, views this eclipse as one of several astronomical signs that the day when Christians will be whisked away from the Earth is fast approaching.

“The Bible says a number of times that there’s going to be signs in the heavens before Jesus Christ returns to Earth. We see this as possibly one of those,” Ray said about the eclipse.

He is even more interested in another astronomical event that will occur 33 days after the eclipse, on Sept. 23, 2017.

The Book of Revelation, which is full of extraordinary imagery, describes a woman “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head” who gives birth to a boy who will “rule all the nations with an iron scepter” while she is threatened by a red, seven-headed dragon. The woman then grows the wings of an eagle and is swallowed up by the earth.

Ray says that image will be created in the sky on Sept. 23. The constellation Virgo — representing the woman — will be clothed in sunlight, in a position that is over the moon and under nine stars and three planets. The planet Jupiter, which will have been inside Virgo — in her womb, in Ray’s interpretation — will move out of Virgo, as if she is giving birth.

Astronomers don’t see this as a particularly unusual event. But to Ray and others, it could be the sign that the Rapture is ready to happen: “We think it’s God signaling to us that he’s about to make his next move.”

“My number one encouragement to people would be to just trust God. More importantly, to trust the right God,” he said, warning….

When It Rains, It Pours

For the past 5-6 years in California we have seen the curse of a devastating drought. Now that the rain has come, it does not bring relief but rather a whole new set of disastrous problems.  Of course the people do not see this as a consequence of their continual sins — neither did their ancestors (Amos 4:7-9).

The “atmospheric river” walloping California with drenching rains and gale-force winds prompted daring water rescues Tuesday and kept thousands of residents from flooded or threatened homes.

Hundreds were rescued from their flooded homes….The city had declared a local emergency….The region’s waterways, already saturated by weeks of heavy rains, were ill-equipped for the latest onslaught….One wind gust reached 199 mph….the emergency was far from over….the effects of the rain will take days to subside….more is on the way.”

“It’s ironic, for years there was a drought and we never dreamed of trying to keep water out of those reservoirs”

Source: In San Jose, dramatic rescues as hundreds flee rising floodwaters

Resistance to the “Antibiotic of Last Resort” Is Spreading

Antibiotic resistance is usually a slow-moving crisis, one of the reasons its danger can be hard to convey. One by one, over the years, the drugs used to fight the most stubborn infections have fallen by the wayside as bacteria have evolved resistance to them. For certain infections, the only drug left is colistin. Then on November 18, 2015, scientists published a report in the British medical journal The Lancet: A single, easily spreadable gene makes the bacteria that carry it resistant to colistin, our antibiotic of last resort.

Over and over, scientists have identified genes conferring resistance to a class of antibiotics, only to find the gene had circled the globe. Another recent example is ndm-1, a gene found in 2009 that confers resistance to class of antibiotics called carbapenems….Looking for resistance is a constant game of catch-up. You don’t notice anything until there is something to notice; by the time there is something to notice, something bad has already happened.

Source: Resistance to the Antibiotic of Last Resort Is Silently Spreading – The Atlantic

Researchers examined carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) causing disease in four U.S. hospitals. They found a wide variety of CRE species. They also found a wide variety of genetic traits enabling CRE to resist antibiotics, and found that these traits are transferring easily among various CRE species. The findings suggest that CRE is more widespread than previously thought, that it may well be transmitting from person to person asymptomatically, and that genomic surveillance of these dangerous bacteria should be increased.

CRE are a class of bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics, including carbapenems, which are considered last-resort drugs when other antibiotics have failed….Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, has called these ‘nightmare bacteria‘ because they are resistant to some of the last-ditch treatments available to doctors battling resistant infections.

Source: Drug-resistant ‘nightmare bacteria’ show worrisome ability to diversify and spread

Volcano Activity Strengthening Around The World

When we read of the end-time seven trumpets, we cannot help but be reminded of the events in Revelation 8:8-9; 12, that perhaps due to our limited imagination, seem like catastrophes that could be caused by a volcano. This article underscores the devastating potential of these sleeping giants.

The main answer, though, is what people must do? Should nearby residents from volcanic areas panic? Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do but being alert and attend to the authority’s recommendations. “In general, volcanology is not a precise science. We have many uncertainties and long-term provisions are at the moment not possible!

Throughout history, volcanoes have inspired fear and admiration as well. Vesubio (Italy), Mount Tambora (Indonesia), Laki (Iceland), Mount St. Hellen (USA) and Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia) are just some of the volcanoes that have ravaged entire populations in different periods of time, killing thousands of people and turning vast areas into a desert of fire, ashes and sulfuric gases.

It is important to remember that Turrialba volcano registered its last ‘big’ eruption in October 29th, 2014, a night to remember for hundreds of local residents who were urged to flee their homes as a security measure after a rain of fume and heavy ashes came out of its crater.


A slumbering Campi Flegrei volcano under the Italian city of Naples shows signs of “reawakening” and may be nearing a critical pressure point, according to a study published Tuesday.

Italian and French scientists have for the first time identified a threshold beyond which rising magma under the Earth’s surface could trigger the release of fluids and gases at a 10-fold increased rate.

It is not possible at this time to say when—or if—the volcano will erupt anew, he said.

If it did, however, “it would be very dangerous” for the half-million people living inside and near the caldera, he added, using the scientific name for the bowl-like depression created after a volcano blows its top.

Source: Volcano Activity Strengthening Around The World | The Costa Rica News
Source: Naples astride a rumbling mega-volcano

The World is Not Prepared to Cope with a Deadly Flu Epidemic

This and the next article show just how inadequate mankind will be during the coming plagues

Bill Gates has warned that the world’s emergency response systems are not yet strong enough to cope with a deadly flu epidemic….

The Microsoft co-founder said the Ebola and Zika virus crises showed that global health infrastructure had room for improvement, the BBC reported.

He added: “I cross my fingers all the time that some epidemic like a big flu doesn’t come along in the next 10 years.

Source: Bill Gates says the world is not prepared to cope with a deadly flu epidemic | The Independent

1M+ Viruses That We Know Absolutely Nothing About

One by one, the viruses have slipped from their hiding places in nature to threaten global populations — SARS, MERS, Zika.

In each case, scientists have scrambled to identify the viruses and to develop vaccines or drugs to stop their spread. After each crisis, the assessment has been the same: Countermeasures were not ready in time to help in the containment effort.

“Always too late,” said Jonna Mazet, a scientist at the University of California, Davis, who is keen to break the bugs’ winning streak. “We need to think about something different.”

Source: There are more than 1 million viruses that we know absolutely nothing about

Superbugs Killing More People

The superbug crisis is killing more patients than breast cancer as the Government is relying on flawed figures which mask the true scale of the problem, health experts have warned.

The number of deaths is rising each year as more bugs that lead to blood poisoning are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

But the full extent of the problem is obscured because the Government statistics are calculated using “ballpark” figures from foreign studies, not those conducted in the UK.

Antimicrobial resistance is considered to be one of the world’s most serious and growing long-term threats to health, which it has been warned could eventually lead to everyday cuts and infections becoming fatal.

Yet superbugs are rarely listed on death certificates.

The UK Sepsis Trust is calling for an official register of superbug deaths in order that the rising count is reflected in Government policy.

Source: Superbugs killing more people than breast cancer, trust warns


FAMINE: Surviving on Goat Bones and Water Lilies

Christ prophesied, “And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8).  He is forewarning us that it is going to get very bad before it gets really bad during the time of the great tribulation (Matthew 24:21).  This and the next three articles on pestilence, drought, and wild animals highlight a taste of what is coming upon those that forsake the one true God and His ways.

A hunger crisis affecting an estimated 4.8 million people could turn catastrophic….

Mahla said the worst of the hunger is in the south of Unity State, where people have moved deep into swamp areas. “People have been surviving for weeks, maybe months, just eating water lilies. People are also cooking goat skin and bones because there is nothing else,” she said, adding about 40,000 people are at risk of dying unless swift action is taken.

“It doesn’t take much time for a crisis to become a catastrophe. It’s a race against time.”

In the capital Juba, vegetable traders are now cutting tomatoes in half to sell because some customers can no longer afford to buy a whole one, Mahla said.

The crisis has been fuelled by nearly three years of war that has killed thousands….

Source: South Sudan: Surviving on goat bones and water lilies

PESTILENCE: Superbugs Are a ‘Major Global Threat’

Global leaders gathered here at the U.N. headquarters on Wednesday for a high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance, with multiple leaders speaking out about the growing threat of infections that no longer respond to the drugs used to treat them.

The meeting was part of the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA). It’s only the fourth time in history that the heads of state have met to discuss a health issue, but the urgency of the current crisis of drug-resistant bacteria is clear: it’s estimated that the number of people who die from antibiotic resistance infections will reach 10 million a year in 2050.

“It’s not that it may happen in the future, it’s a very present reality,” said U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He added that over 20,000 newborn children are expected to die each year from infections that do not respond to antibiotics.

Antimicrobial resistance, often referred to as AMR, “is a major global threat. Some scientists call it a slow-motion tsunami. The situation is bad and getting worse,” said Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). Chan says sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea are becoming increasingly resistant to treatment.

Source: Superbugs Are a ‘Major Global Threat’ | TIME