Three EU countries Say ‘No’ to Muslims

The EU continues to set itself up for a paring down of the number countries that will remain at the heart of it.  Whether this is one of the ways that it will happen, remains to be seen — but even so, it will happen.

EU mulling legal cases against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic over their refusal to take in Muslim asylum-seekers.

The European Commission would agree at a regular meeting to send so-called letters of formal notice to the three countries, the first step in the so-called “infringement procedures” the Commission can open against EU states for failing to meet their legal obligations.

Poland and Hungary have vowed not to budge.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told parliament on Monday, “We will not give in to blackmail from Brussels and we reject the mandatory relocation quota.”

London Bridge Terror: Up to 23,000 Jihadis in UK

Even if this is not completely accurate, we have recently seen how devastating only a few highly motivated terrorists can be.  This is a result of moving away from God and not relying upon Him (Psalm 33:12-20).

The figure is more than six times the figure previously released by the Home Office at the time of last month’s Manchester bombing.

Then, it was revealed the security services had 500 live investigations into more than 3,000 suspected radical jihadis, including about 400 people who have remarkably been allowed to return to our shores after fighting with terror group Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

But, it has since emerged a further 20,000 radical Islamists have been considered a “person of interest” to the security services at anyone time, according to a security services source.

But, the news has led to fears there are simply not enough resources for our security forces and counter terror police to monitor all their activities at anyone time.

But round-the-clock monitoring of terror suspects is only possible in a handful of cases due to limited resources….

Immigration to bust 100-year record

What God has given to us due to promises He made to Abraham, we continue to give away at an alarming rate.

The legal and illegal population of foreign-born immigrants living in America will break a 100-year-old record in just six years — and will continue to smash records for the rest of the century, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Already 13.5 percent of the U.S. population, immigrants will surge to 15 percent in 2023… and that will surpass the all time high in the United States reached in 1890.”

Source: Census: Immigration to bust 100-year record, continue surging | Washington Examiner

16 Years Of European Terrorism In One Chart

Europe has suffered many Islamist terrorist attacks in recent years, but before the assault on Charlie Hebdo, only two of them caused more than ten deaths: the Madrid train attack in May 2004 and the London tube and bus bombings 14 months later. Since then, and the beginning of the global ‘war on terror’, things have become exponentially worse…

Source: 16 Years Of European Terrorism In One Chart | Zero Hedge

Turkey Threatens to Send Europe 15K Refugees / Month

Turkey was given $3 billion for a migrant deal – basically to contain two-million possible migrants within their borders. If this not blustering, then Turkey may have just voided the agreement and is on the brink of greatly increasing the current immigration woes of Europe. 

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has threatened to “blow the mind” of Europe by sending 15,000 refugees a month to EU territory, in an intensifying dispute with the bloc.

Ankara and Brussels almost a year ago on March 18 signed a landmark deal that has substantially lessened the flow of migrants from Turkey to Europe.

But the accord is now hanging in the balance due to the diplomatic crisis over the blocking of Turkish ministers from holding rallies in Europe.

Source: Turkey threatens to send Europe ‘15,000 refugees a month’

Germany Hit With Wave Of Terror As Parliament OKs Migration

Germany has been hit with a series of terror incidents across multiple cities and police have acted preemptively after receiving tips warning of further, more devastating attacks. As the attacks occurred, the country’s parliament moved to reject firmer controls on migration.

In the midst of the spike in terror attacks, the German parliament blocked plans to make it easier for the government to deny asylum requests….

Source: Germany Hit With Wave Of Terror As Parliament Rejects Restrictions On Migration | Zero Hedge

Iranian Commander Admits to Having Terror Cells in US

A recent video posted this week shows Islamic Republic strategist, Hassan Abbassi, discussing the destructive potential of Iran’s hidden army within the US. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Abbassi admitted to having terror cells situation and ready to strike in the United States.

Abbassi: I’ll be brief. We have two million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerilla army from amongst them against you. You know this well. Look how vulnerable you were on 9-11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations.

President Trump wanted a temporary ban on refugees from Iran.

The Democrats stopped him.

Source: Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Admits to Having Terror Cells Situated and Ready to Strike in US (VIDEO)

America Is ‘Our Country, Not Theirs’—‘And We Are Not Going to Leave’

Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos declared on Friday that the United States belongs to Latino migrants, emphatically stating to a Spanish-speaking audience that “it is our country, not theirs.”

Ramos took an unusual tack, pivoting from talk of diversity and togetherness into boasts of conquest. Mass immigration, particularly illegal immigration, was a fait accompli. There is nothing the U.S. can do about it, and they must accept that America is “not their” country and that illegal aliens, particularly Latinos, “are not going to leave,” he said.

“So when they attack us, we already know what we are going to do. We are not going to sit down. We will not shut up. And we will not leave. That is what we are going to do,” he added.

The U.S. should not enforce its immigration laws even after illegal aliens kill Americans, he said during a CNN interview in August 2015, because that would be “completely unfair” to the illegal population.

And Ramos’ views are not fringe ones in Mexico: A 2013 poll found that 66 percent of Mexicans believe the U.S. government has no right to limit immigration, while 52 percent said Mexicans have a right to be in the United States. Another 88 percent said it is fine to enter the U.S. illegally if one needs money. Over half, 56 percent, said they had friends or family who tried to immigrate to the U.S. illegally.

Source: America Is ‘Our Country, Not Theirs’—‘And We Are Not Going to Leave’

Farrakhan Calls for a Divided Black and White US

One of the main tenets of the Nation of Islam, is if they do not get their way, then they want their own state. Be sure and read this article in conjunction with the previous one.

In a speech before the State of the Black World Conference in New Jersey, he warned, “The white man is going to push. He’s putting in place the very thing that will limit the freedom of others.” Then he pointed to the crowd, smiled and said, “That’s what you needed,” as motivation to finally separate from whites.

“My message to Mr. Trump: Push it real good,” Farrakhan said, building to a roar that drew applause and cheers. “Push it so good that black people say, ‘I’m outta here. I can’t take it no more.'”

Source: News from The Associated Press

Germany Sets Plan to Rein In Extremists

Read the next article to see how they might do this.

Germany released a plan to rein in known extremists after authorities failed to prevent a terrorist attack last month by a Tunisian radical on a government watch list.

The proposed overhauls aim to make it easier for police to monitor, detain and deport asylum seekers believed to pose a terror threat, Germany’s interior and justice ministers said on Tuesday.

The plan—which the government plans to implement with legal changes in the weeks to come…informed by abuses committed under the Nazis, that strongly protect personal freedom.

Under current state police laws, for instance, preventive custody doesn’t exceed 14 days….Under the ministers’ proposals, police would be allowed to detain rejected asylum seekers deemed dangerous for up to 18 months, by lowering some of the current requirements.

German authorities have been seeking ways to improve antiterror enforcement since … exposing holes in the country’s security architecture….even though he was on a watch list of extremists, had voiced plans to commit atrocities and was using fake identities.

Source: Germany Sets Plan to Rein In Extremists – WSJ