Making the Case for Who Killed Christ

Who was responsible?  Jews (all, few, leaders), Pontius Pilate, Roman soldiers or just the final Roman Soldier?

Let’s make a case

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Coming Completely Out of Sin

Removing All Leavening

We begin with a big task ahead of us.  It’s easy to get most of it out of our homes but it’s not easy to get all of it out.

Deleavening means to remove leaven from your home.  We do this physically as a practice while we remove sin from our lives like hidden sins and ones we are blind to.

We all have sins and imperfections that we are not aware of at this very moment.  God gives us time.  We continue for seven days.  Seven is the number of completion and perfection.

He wants to completely remove sin from our lives (leaven of hypocrisy, malice, wickedness and corruption) as we go onto perfection

Today I would like to talk about how we can do that.

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