US now for the Syria they were against

What a difference a year makes. Around this time last year, the West was gearing up for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who was accused of carrying out chemical weapons attacks on his own people. That intervention never came to pass, not least because domestic public opinion in countries such as Britain and the United States was opposed to further entanglements in the Middle East.

Now, the U.S. is contemplating extending airstrikes on Islamic State militants operating in Iraq in Syria — fighters belonging to a terrorist organization that is leading the war against Assad. The Islamic State’s territorial gains in Iraq and continued repression and slaughter of religious minorities there and in Syria have rightly triggered global condemnation. “I am no apologist for the Assad regime,” Ryan Crocker, a former U.S. ambassador to Syria, told NPR. “But in terms of our security, [the Islamic State] is by far the greatest threat.”

The irony of the moment is tragic. But to some, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Many cautioned against the earlier insistence of the Obama administration (as well as other governments) that Assad must go, fearing what would take hold in the vacuum.

One of those critics happened to be Russian President Vladimir Putin, who warned against U.S. intervention in Syria in a New York Times op-ed last September.

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Polish president warns Germany of Putin’s ’empire’ ambitions

BERLIN (Reuters) – Polish President Bronis law Komorowski said that Vladimir Putin is trying to build a new Russian empire for Moscow and that the region now had to choose whether it wanted “a Cossack Europe or a democratic one”.

“Russia has carried out an invasion in Ukraine,” the Polish head of state told German public radio, according to excerpts of an interview to be broadcast later on Saturday.

Komorowski said Putin was quite open about his ambitions to “rebuild the empire”. The Cossacks long served Russian czars in military and security roles on the borders of the empire and their brand of Russian Orthodox patriotism is admired by Putin.

I hope Germans are sufficiently mindful of what a Soviet empire meant for Europe,” Komorowski told Deutschlandradio Kultur and Deutschlandfunk, warning against any reprise of the pre-World War Two “appeasement policy of yielding to Hitler”.

“First the challenge was Crimea, now it is about further regions of Ukraine and everyone is asking where it will end,” he said, reiterating a call from Poland and the Baltic states in particular for NATO’s eastern flank to be reinforced.

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Obama: Media makes you think ‘world is falling apart’

It is….

President Obama on Friday said social media and the nightly news are partly to blame for the sense that “the world is falling apart.”

“I can see why a lot of folks are troubled,” Obama told a group of donors gathered at a Democratic National Committee barbecue in Purchase, N.Y.

Acknowledging “the barbarity” of Islamist militants and Russia “reasserting the notion that might means right,” Obama, though, dismissed the notion that he was facing unprecedented challenges.

“The world’s always been messy … we’re just noticing now in part because of social media,” he said, according to a White House pool report.

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart,” said Obama.

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Online posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border

“A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack,” warns the Texas Department of Public Safety “situational awareness” bulletin, obtained by

“Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option,” states the law enforcement bulletin, which is not classified.

Despite assurances that no threat to American soil is imminent, the watchdog group Judicial Watch said Friday that Islamic State operatives are in Juarez, just across the border from Texas, and are planning to attack the United States with car bombs.

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Pope Francis Is ‘In The Crosshairs Of ISIS’

According to Il Tempo, Israeli sources reportedly told the Italian newspaper that the pope is “in the crosshairs of ISIS.” The report stated that Francis is being targeted because he is “the greatest exponent of the Christian religions” and the “bearer of false truth.”

The Catholic News Agency reports that Italy has issued a nationwide terror alert, despite no imminent threats or specifics about a potential attack on the country.

On Friday, Britain raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe, meaning that a terrorist attack is considered highly likely.

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Black Mass in Oklahoma

The “god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4) sometimes does not have to be so covert, inspiring people to act on their human nature and against God (Romans 8:7).

The devil worshiping church hosting the black mass in the Oklahoma City Civic Center in Oklahoma City on Sept. 21 remains confident that the event will take place, despite a recent online petition from an opposing organization.

The black mass is the most obscene attack against the Catholic mass that can be imagined,” said John Ritchie, the director of TFP Student Action, an organization that defends student’s moral values on college campuses that started the petition to The Christian Post. “It harms the moral fabric of our nation and that’s the primary reason I oppose it. The highest reason is that it offends God.”

From a legal standpoint, the church has every right to hold this black mass; however, Ritchie believes community leaders also have the right to stop it if they believe it threatens the common good of the people and the values of many American Christians. He sees this as a group taking advantage of American freedom to openly assault people of faith.

“We are devil worshippers, we are not spiritual satanists,” Daniels told CP. “We believe in Angra Mainyu that is the original devil from Persia.”

The group’s website describes the deity as a “destroyer.” The church itself aims to give people “freedom” from religions that try to “restrain them” from following their “natural animal instincts.”

Daniels remains confident that the black mass will take place on Sept. 21 and told CP that he does not view the recent petition as a serious threat.

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Papua New Guinea’s Volcano Erupts

Papua New Guinea’s Tavurvur volcano spewed smoke and ash into the air today, with residents in the South Pacific nation evacuated and flights disrupted.

Tavurvur most recently erupted last year.

The volcano has erupted numerous times in recent years, destroying the town of Rabaul in 1994 when it erupted simultaneously with nearby Mount Vulcan.

A separate volcano eruption occurred today in Iceland, with minimal airborne ash produced. All airports in Iceland remain open, authorities said.

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Don’t mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says

We are just beginning to see how far Putin will go.

LAKE SELIGER Russia (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russia’s armed forces, backed by its nuclear arsenal, were ready to meet any aggression, declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp that foreign states should understand: “It’s best not to mess with us.”

Putin told the assembly, on the banks of a lake near Moscow, the Russian takeover of Crimea in March was essential to save a largely Russian-speaking population from Ukrainian government violence.

He said continued fighting in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists launched an uprising in April, was the result of a refusal by Kiev to negotiate.

“Russia is far from being involved in any large-scale conflicts,” he said at the camp on the banks of Lake Seliger.”We don’t want that and don’t plan on it. But naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression towards Russia.

“Thank God, I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers.”

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The Book of Philemon


It is an epistle of Paul as clearly indicated in several verses within the book and is one of the so called “prison epistles” written during his incarceration at Rome.

It is Paul’s shortest letter and we are often left wondering why God saw it fit to include it in the Holy Scripture

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