Inconvenient Truth

In spite of what people think…
in spite of what people say…
in spite of what people do…
the following truths comprise a part of THE Truth which is God’s Word (John 17:17):

The 7th day Sabbath is still in effect;
We are to keep God’s Holy Days, not pagan holidays;
We do not go to heaven when we die;
Satan does exist;
We are not yet born again;
God is a Family — not a Trinity;
The Law is not done away;
Abortion and war are murder.

Though some or even all of these may appear inconvenient, in actuality the Truth is not nearly as difficult or burdensome as it may first seem. In fact, the real inconvenience is in NOT keeping the Word of God. As we look around the world today and honestly assess it; we see poverty, sickness, perversion, unfairness, atheism, hatred and murder. The reason for this is that most have a belief system grounded in either personal scruples, politics, false religion, and/or science. There is a direct causal relationship between obeying the Scriptures and contrary behavior (Galatians 5:17-23).

Our foundation needs to be the Bible, and we need to commit to living “by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). If we do this, we will no longer be a slave to sin and its horrible consequences, but rather we will be truly free (John 8:32).

The Truth is the Truth; no amount of protesting is going to change that; and ignoring it, surely, will not make it go away. Go ahead and put God’s Word to the test! You will be better off for it, and you will find that it is not inconvenient after all.